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I read a story on the paper for a Kuwaiti lady who was shopping at Kuwait city and while trying the new dress inside the fitting room, she discovered a camera hidden inside the electrical socket !

The lady added that these cameras are sold for 280 K.D in the black market and were designed to look exactly like electrical socket. The fear from scandal prevented the lady to report to the police.

This is really a big issue and I urge every woman to be extra cautious while shopping.

Via [Al Anba]

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5 Responses to “Hidden cameras in women fitting rooms !”

  1. esz says:

    Thank you for the information! This message has been passed to my wife :)

  2. fergus says:

    I understand the lady for not wanting the scandal….thanks for making us more aware of these cameras.
    About 2 years ago I was told by a very close friend (her husband was the risk and loss manager or something) for a very big, well known company here in Kuwait, they discovered that one of their employees was caught out for having hidden cameras in the ladies fitting rooms. This was in a very well known High Street chain store in Marina Mall.
    The sales person waas immediately deported but the case never went public.

    We always imagine this will never happen in a respectable store, but it does! i’m extremely careful and cautious about trying on clothes.
    Thanks again for highlighting this on your blog!!

  3. r.alsharif says:

    That is so scary! The poor woman must have felt extremely violate. This is definitely going to make me all paranoid the next time I try something on :P

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