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zero-dark-thirty1A friend of mine from the U.S. says he saw a scene about Kuwait in the Oscar nominated political thriller movie Zero Dark Thirty which tells the story about the decade-long hunt for al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden after the September 2001 attacks, and his death at the hands of the U.S Navy Special Forces in May 2011. I know that this movie has sparked outrage among Democrats and Republicans in Washington over its depiction of torture.

Though what’s interesting is that the short scene about Kuwait City shows the actors in a night club-like place and my friend was like “I thought there are no night clubs in Kuwait”, I must say I was laughing when he said that, but I think the scene is probably for a Sheesha (شيشة) place which is almost equivalent to night club in Kuwait. I’m now tempted to watch the movie and see if there are other scenes about Kuwait but I wonder if Cinescape or Grand Cinemas will release it in Kuwait. I’m also wondering what Kuwait has to do with the hunt for Osama Bin Laden? Have any of you seen the movie? Check the official trailer below.

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14 Responses to “Kuwait in Zero Dark Thirty”

  1. Faris Al-Amer says:

    Unfortunately, the film is banned in Kuwait. It was supposed to be released a couple of months a ago, but they pulled it off a week before it’s initial release date.

    • Tazmania says:

      I don’ know why they are banning political movies! They are only fooling themselves because anyone can get it on DVD/Blu Ray or simply download it! so lame.

  2. mohd says:

    i saw the movie, the kuwait scene was filmed in dubai as the actor ghtra style was emirate style plus he went to a lambo dealer which is the dubai dealer.

  3. MFD says:

    I saw the movie, and They came to Kuwait Tracking Afghani guy his family in Kuwait, and this guy was massager for Osama.

  4. Joey says:

    the messenger’s nickname was [something al-kuwaiti] so they came to kuwait because the messenger is originally from kuwait, hence the nickname.

  5. nabil says:

    the movie is horrrrrrrible , they filmed the meeting with the spy in a nightclub !! a movie with a budget of 40.000.000 $ and they didn’t spend couple of minutes to gather info about kuwait !

  6. Soul says:

    الكويت فيها چذي اذا دورت عدل و سألت. كلا خشيشي

  7. Loved the movie. Watched it twice. You have to get the DVD in Kuwait. She brought him down. A young American woman in the CIA.

    Yes, there are ‘illegal’ nightclubs here at hotels, in tents, diwanias and villas, chalets, etc. The first things we are told about living in Kuwait as American expats is stay away from them or get deported if caught. That if we want to party we should go to Dubai, Bahrain or Qatar. They may have filmed in Dubai but this really happened in Kuwait.

  8. Don’t be surprised of these things they meant to be there as
    the directors wants it to be regardless if its true or not it deepens on the directors credibility … There are a lot of movies that you will find so many of a nonsense scenes when it comes to Arabs or Muslims , The most common is adding the call to prayer at any time of the day just to let you feel that this is a Muslim country!

    After that Club scene I bet a lot of people will consider visiting Kuwait loooooooool

  9. الرشيدي says:

    الله المستعان
    الي مسوي الفيديو هذا
    ما اعتقد انه يعرف الكويت عدل
    لانه الكويت مافيها السوالف هذا واهلها ناس محافظين

  10. Le Vitesse says:

    The guy they were tracking is a Kuwaiti born Pakistani that went by the name of “Abu Ahmad AL-Kuwaiti” his actual name is “Ibrahim Sayeed” he was Osama Bin Laden’s favorite courier, fact.

    As for the Dish Dasha it is not Emirati style its Qatari evident by the two collar buttons and hidden upper torso buttons.

  11. Genie Aldrich says:

    Who is the actor in the Kuwait City nightclub scene?
    Not Jason Clarke – the other guy. Who is he?

  12. someguy says:

    what is the name of the actress we see walking towards him at 00:28? she looks familiar

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