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I posted about this several times before but according to a new study regarding obesity in the world, Kuwait scored the 2nd place as the heaviest nation after the U.S. Apparently, the study used World Health Organization data and applied BMI (body mass index) to calculate the fatness percentage for adults.

Again I’m not surprised, Kuwait is over-loaded with restaurants that keep popping up everyday everywhere, I even read that number of restaurants in Kuwait has reached 4783 so far; there’s a restaurant for every 230 people.

On the bright side, number of health clubs is also increasing because there’s a growing awareness toward health and fitness.

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15 Responses to “Uh-oh! We are the 2nd fattest country worldwide”

  1. Q8Rogue says:

    Taz you said it we’re over-loaded with restaurants & food & sweets natural result is 2nd place

  2. 7amood says:

    this is an improvement actually.. last yr we came in 1st, ahead of U.S.

  3. A matter of time we will hit the first place and we’ll stay there for long lol

    • Tazmania says:

      lol at least we’ll score the first rank in something ;) no hopefully people develop more awareness toward health to prevent this from ever happening.

      • Inshallah but how can people do that if the most supported projects is food lol
        I wish all junk food will be banned and government provides health clubs in each
        area for its own resident free of charge or subscription at nominal cost :)

        • Tazmania says:

          True and I admit we bloggers should help create more awareness and not tempt people to eat more & more, I’ll try to minimize food posts from not on, I feel its a responsibility toward our community :(

          I’m loving your suggestion Marron Glace, having free health club is great, yalla thabe6na :)

          • Thanks bro :) I wish all bloggers would do that same step for starter
            The thing is our place ain’t a perfect place for outdoor sports !

            People don’t have something to do but eating / drinking !
            Any group will gather must have food involved , This thing
            what makes us number 2 in that list

            If we got t great weather you will see everyone is walking
            no need for driving short distance , But our weather alhamdullah
            you can’t do much outdoors that why clubs should be everywhere

            Food projects must turn to healthy food instead of junk and sweets,
            Media should have a big part of this spreading health education.

            Ever when watching TV most of the ad’s are food looooool
            Come on !!!

  4. Abu Rayyan says:

    last year i brought my mom and my sister from Jordan, they stayed here for one month, during this month they have gained weight…

    when they went back to Jordan, they told me about how the life style in Kuwait is FORCING you to eat more, we do not move at all! even when we go to restaurants we order food from our cars…

    the far places we travel everyday makes life goes faster, day is shorter than night, a working woman would find it easier to buy food instead of coking, and i don’t blame her!

    it’s all about life style…

    • Tazmania says:

      Same thing I observed when my foreign friends come to visit Kuwait and stay for sometime, I agree the lifestyle is the major cause. We have everything HOME DELIVERY and people don’t mind using handicapped parking to park right next to the door of a mall to walk less.

      Add to this the numerous restaurants and the design of Kuwait city where walking is near impossible, the extremely hot weatherdoesn’t also help.

  5. mk says:

    kuwait = food .

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