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20130116_103935 (Medium)I’m facing a problem with water shortage in my house for a few days now, we had replaced our roof water tank with a new one and made maintenance for the whole pipes network and had all plumbing works done but the water tank isn’t filling with water so I thought there’s problem in one of the valves but turned out all are ok. I went down to the main water meter and checked it and I found that the water pressure is low, it was too low that it cannot push the water up to the roof to fill the new tank.

20130116_104726 (Medium)I called the MEW emergency hotline 152 to report the problem, they said there’s on-going problem with the main water pumps for several areas in Kuwait and this makes the water pressure low and that they are currently fixing the pumps yet they are not sure how long this will take, I asked if I could install a small pump for the main water valve but they said this is illegal, I know many houses who are currently doing this to increase water pressure.

Right now I’ve to go to the water filling station everyday to get a water tanker truck to manually fill the water tank. Did any of you face this problem lately?


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16 Responses to “Water shortage problem”

  1. K says:

    Fintas has the same problem. I’ve noticed that the water pressure was weak over a week!

  2. Almubarkia says:

    الدولة ميزانيتها مليارات موراضين يسنعون فيها شي لامستشفيات ولا شبكات المياه

    المفروض تحط تانكين الثاني احتياط

  3. سعود says:

    شوف ي الحبيب …. ترى كل البيوت مركبه بمبات عشان ضغط الماي وهالشي همن يأثر عليك يعني جارك اللي قبل بيتك مركبه بمب يسحب اقوى بالتالي انت راح تتاثر

    الحل طال عمرك ….ماتتعب عمرك وتروح كل يوم عند المضخات

    دام انه ع قولتهم مشكله وتعدي من الوزارة اتفقلك مع راعي تنكر يمر عليك يومين بالاسبوع تقريبا ويترسلك التانكي والله يعينك …

  4. Dude28 says:

    We’re also having similar problem :(

  5. Rehab says:

    Facing the same problem in Jleeb since 3 years ! Starting Friday until Sunday, water comes at night… and many time in middle of the week water shortage… If you do not keep reserve water, than you in sanitation problem !

    And Landlord or building does not seem to care apart from increasing house rent every 3 months !

    • Tazmania says:

      I feel sad for anyone facing this problem, if you know anyone with this problem let them try MEW emergency hotline 152, I called them yesterday and today they sent supervisor to check it.

  6. Mbahrani says:

    مرحبا بك في الكويت.

    من ثلاث سنين هالمشكلة في رميثية

    حط مضخة حالك حال غيرك

    اكلنا هوا بدون مضخه

    • Tazmania says:

      للاسف شكله لازم مضخه,, المشكله بالمضخات الرئيسية للوزارة ليش ما يسوونلها صيانة لحل المشكلة بالكامل!؟

  7. Rahkwt says:

    Jleeb faced this problem for 3 years, along with overflowing drainages , last week they took the water for two days and then the water came back at 3 AM , then again went at 6 AM for two days. And usually on weekends after 12 the water stops so we always have to fill.

    But now its available 24/7 Thank God, without water life is very hard, well now we know we shouldn’t waste it!

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