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Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00164

Today under the patronage of prime minister Shaikh Nasser Mohammed Al-Sabah, the biggest Lexus showroom & service center in the world has opened. BananaQ8 were invited to see one of the most spectacular opening ceremonies ever.

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00145

The ceremony took place @ 10:00 pm, I was there earlier & had a great chance exploring the amazing building & its facilities.

I must say that I was thrilled with the amount of luxury that I have seen, like I said before it beats even 5-Star hotels.

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00124

The exterior was nicely designed & the interior is thrilling & spacious too. While the interior had exquisite decorations, the furniture looked sexy, the flooring & walls were finished with highest quality materials, the lighting was elegant.


There is a cafe shop, comfortable private sittings, big screens, nice reception & large show room & service center at the basement.

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00154

The new Lexus center will provide 7 star services including:

  • Spacious valet parking.
  • All the latest most advanced diagnostic & repair equipment.
  • Door to door services.
  • First class sophisticated lounges with complementary café atmosphere.
  • All electronic point of sales material.
  • Luxurious and rich branding of the whole Lexus showroom & items.
  • Advanced panoramic external elevators.
  • Exceptional & advanced car accessories display.
  • Personalized gift shop outlet.

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00123

The opening ceremony was well arranged & planned, there were many guests including Lexus  Executive CEO vice president who by the way was really impressed too, also Mr. Faisal Al-Sayer was there, what’s bugging though is the infinitely many photographers & journalists :p

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00126

I also noticed a comprehensive facility services center such as quick & express service, Washing & detailing area, delivery center, general repairs & lavish spare parts reception area.

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00131 

Finally we would like to thank Lexus Kuwait for giving us the opportunity to be on the opening day for their outstanding center & also for the special gift “Canon digital camera”. Congratulations to Lexus Kuwait & of course their lucky customers :)

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00128

To see more photos please click “Read More”

I’ll leave you now with more photos & videos of the opening ceremony :) & I hope you liked the modest review.  For more video please visit our You Tube channel, Click Here

For more info please visit official Lexus Kuwait Facebook page Click Here

Al Qadisiyah-20101128-00166

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00129

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00147

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00125

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00140


 Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00152 

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00122

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00135

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00162



 Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00130

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00150

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00118

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00121

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00127

Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00132



Al Shuwaikh Industrial - 1-20101128-00165

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12 Responses to “The New Lexus 7 stars center opening ceremony”

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  2. ahmed says:

    nice pics :)

  3. Really Nice .. Hope to visit that soon inshallah

  4. Summer says:

    thats so cool! finally its open :D

  5. Buz Fairy says:

    I’m still upset i didn’t get invited :(

    Walah 3aib, i’ve got the big ls460, and i shud’ve gotten an invite.

    My other car, eli men wikala thania, invite me to every new car addition AND send me a gift every year.

    3aib 3alaikum ya lexus :(

    • Tazmania says:

      am really sorry dear you had to go thru this, please tell me if there’s anything I can do to help you are really a dear friend & not just a blogger.

      btw, What’s the other car ? :)

      • Buz Fairy says:

        I don’t go aslan, but it wud’ve been nice to get an invite :(

        The other car is a P sold by B ;)

        • Buz Fairy says:

          Yep…. And I’m seriously telling you, they know how to take care of their customers… Annual gifts, special invitations go a long way to establish customer loyalty.

          The only good thing about the Lexus is that the service and spare parts are dirt cheap compared to my other car.

          Use your was6a (I saw Lexus ad here ;p) to convey my compliant. I really don’t like them much :(

  6. What's Up says:

    Excellent Excellent review, great pic and videos.
    What a huge advantage for luxes lovers and owners :)

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