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Finally I visited Qout market for the first time on last Saturday. At the first sight the place looked very spacious and very organized.

For those who doesn’t know what is it exactly, it’s an exhibition for small businesses-most of them are food business- established on the first Saturday of each month.

Compared to other exhibitions I’ve visited before, Qout had different, new and unique ideas in food, fashion, home accessories, food supplements and kids’ toys.
I tried there some Afghan pickles which was very tasty, watermelon juice -was very refreshing in the hot weather-, some biscuits and ice-cream.
The good thing about it that it had categorized booths, all booths under same category in one place. Some booths also had playing area for kids and activities like painting and puzzles so your kids can enjoy their time while you are shopping.
I posted below some of booths pictures which caught my eye yesterday.

I liked the idea that loyac were selling a re-cycling bags  for people to use while shopping.

looking forward to the next one!



















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Last Wednesday I was invited to live station grilling night in Jumeirah Messilah beach hotel under name Chill & Grill night. Weather was amazing although it was little bit hummed but because it by the  sea and pool side there was a cool, amazing, refreshing breeze. The setup included live band playing  oriented music all the time, food, shisha and drinks. The first setup with the band was including the food  and by pool side. Food available was appetizers (taboulah, fatoush, hommos, mtabbal, baba ghanouj,  potato salad …), main dishes were different barbeque flavors (shrimp, lobster, sheshtawoq, steak, lamp,  fish, Hamour…) except beriany and packed potato. For me the best was the shrimp, lobster and steak. If  I will evaluate the food I would rate it to get 8/10.







The second setup was by sea side including only shisha and hot drinks. It has two types of chairs couches  and bean bag chairs, which were very comforting especially with the sea wave sounds.






Overall experience was good and would rate it to be 9.5/10. Food could be better but service, atmosphere and setup makes you condones the food taste.Chill and grill night happening every Wednesday from 7pm to 11 pm, worth a visit!

The app called NAS Airports allows you to check real time flight information, book an airport lounge or the meet and assist service   They also are offering a 25 % discount for the introductory stage

Since everyone will be traveling during their break and it’s difficult to find credible real-time flight information online in Kuwait I think this app would be useful to have for everyone. It makes booking your flights that much easier!

flyer EN

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We all have those friends who drive waaaay too fast for no reason, (I’m guilty of it-sometimes!). Some of us have also lost love ones, family members, or witnessed accidents first hand. I got into my first accident last week and I’m still traumatized. A man ran into the side of my car at a roundabout and pushed me half way down the road before he took his foot off the gas. I am so thankful that my car is so friggin old because otherwise, I would have died that night.

Anyway, here’s a video of people who thought they were meeting a friend or loved one somewhere and instead where invited to their own funeral. The video is in French, so make sure to have the subtitles on in English. Click on the little icon that looks like a letter on the bottom right hand of the video, click on and make sure it’s in English, (This is better known as the CC or closed caption, but if you’re computer illiterate like me, you’re welcome:P)


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Finally Thursday! Felt like this week would not end. I came across this video and laughed so much more than I should have. It’s pretty old, but still hilarious as ever!


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Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 2.46.52 PM

The Architectural Photography Workshop is an exclusive project organized by CAP, sponsored and supported by Pace, that aims to raise awareness of local architecture and its valuable identity to the new generation of architects. 

Pace will offer a platform for the student’s photography skills under the supervision of an internationally established expertise. The workshop is a great opportunity and an eye opening experience for young Kuwaiti Architects to interact artistically with a selection of architectural buildings / monuments in Kuwait from the Golden Period of the 60’s until today.

Requirements for registration:

  1. 1.    Answer the question below with 100 words or less.

“What is the most important piece of architecture in Kuwait and why?”

  1. 2.     Send up to 6 pictures from your portfolio (no more than 8 A4 pages)

-       Two architecture projects

-       Two photography images

-       Two art projects

  1. 3.     Applicants must have a digital camera

 Due to the limited space only 10 architects will be selected

For registration and more information contact : [email protected] / [email protected]     

Deadline for submission: 17th of April 2014 

To know more about Pace visit  : 

Instagram: @pacekuwait
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So. Saad Lamjared is a Moroccan singer who is nothing less than adorable, I’ll admit. But what happened over the span of the last couple of days is ridiculous. He became ridiculously famous around this region after his song ENTY went viral.


It’s a pretty good song, no joke!

Anyway. He was in Kuwait, or is still in Kuwait, for the opening of TFK in Hamra Mall. We has basically assaulted in the middle of the mall. There are a million videos going around of what happened and the swarm of girls (and guys) around him.

Here are some of them. Enjoy!



Poor man is probably traumatized. People need to learn how to not act in public and be civilized lol. Too funny!

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Today’s feel good music is brought to you by Disney! Have an amazing day everyone, hang in there!

This actually happened on an airlines in Australia. These are the cast members from Lion King on Broadway.


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