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Today’s feel good music is brought to you by Disney! Have an amazing day everyone, hang in there!

This actually happened on an airlines in Australia. These are the cast members from Lion King on Broadway.


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New BLS Winter Bazaar Poster edit

It’s the time of the year where we witness a surge of Christmas Bazaar’s in Kuwait. Besides the popular one that is usually held at Marina hall, there is also one held at BSK which is also annual and hosted by the British Ladies Society.

I love these bazaar’s because of the variety and diversity of booths and the number of activities that are there for the entire family!

Where: British School of Kuwait (BSK)

When: Friday, November 29th 2013

dogs1231Kuwait is under global massive attack by animal rights organizations after a Kuwaiti guy showed off pictures killing 30 stray dogs. Apparently, this lunatic is doing this to revenge for a girl that was attacked from stray dogs. I didn’t really want to display photos of the slaughtered beheaded dogs because they are way too gruesome but I just couldn’t stand by and watch this happening over and over without taking some sort of an action! The stray dogs killing story begun last year when they started poisoning them and now they’re being ruthlessly shot with rifles.

I don’t even know why officials have done nothing yet to stop this massacre. I’m utterly aware that stray dogs may pose an eminent danger to people, especially children but exterminating them isn’t the way to resolve the problem either. Below is a statement made by Animal Rescue Groups in Kuwait:

“Volunteers in animal rescue groups in Kuwait are in deep sorrow for what happened to the little child attacked by stray dogs, but the shooting rampage done by Kuwaiti men show nothing but recklessness, irresponsibility and weakness. Maha Mlajmah is a volunteer in one of the associations based on charity for the Protection of Animals in Kuwai : “We were shocked to hear o the attack of the stray dogs of the little girl, we pray to God she recovers well. That’s when we started to move towards the government and the media to demand action to be taken effectively between the state and the animal rescue organizations to avoid such incidents. In the end we are just a group of volunteers only who have tried in the past with all our energy to make law for animals, but we did not get to any result, and this is the result of neglect. Horror doesn’t end there, the disaster got global when we saw on social networks where a young Kuwaiti brags of many pictures of killed homeless dogs he claims have killed as revenge for the attacked child, the shock was on a global level, he did not kill the dogs concerned that attacked the girl, but but killed dozens of stray dogs randomly in the name of justice. Shameful & disgraceful as it is, this young man along with two other guys representing a classy sport in Kuwait, take heroism of the awful crime on behalf of Kuwait, who is now under sharp attack from charities & organizations of animal rights around the world, not only against the killer, but against Kuwait as a state & Islam. Read the rest of this post »

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IMG-20130722-WA001Our blog friend Dallal has spotted this poor kitty stuck on the top of Jeep Hummer on Gulf Road without driver knowing. She says the cat was trying to jump over at first but eventually decided to sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Thanks [Dallal]IMG-20130722-WA003

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Drivers on the 5th ring road got surprised when they saw on-the-run donkey among speeding cars. Help Abdul Fatah!

Thanks [Sultan]

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Robot zoo1I’m a regular visitor to The Scientific Center, I just like how they keep coming up with new activities and events for family. I passed by the TSC yesterday and saw a poster for The Robot Zoo at the adventure zone, it’s a traveling exhibit that showcases the biomechanics of giant interactive robot animals to explain how real animals work, nice. My favorite part of this expo is that it shows how mechanical/electrical engineering and human technology have developed, it’s certainly an exciting exhibit.

They say the expo will be open for visitors till November 2013, it’s a great weekend activity for the family.




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ambulanceI read on the paper that starting next week Ministry of Health will launch animal rescue service dedicated to the rescue of injured animals and pets in Kuwait to take them to veterinary hospital, they will also launch a hotline so that people can report any animal accidents. I’m so glad with this initiative, I often see poor cats and dogs being ran over on Kuwait streets and are left to suffer and die in pain. I recall several weeks ago I saw an injured horse that was also hit by a car on Belajat street but there was nothing that they could do. 

I’ll make sure to update this post with the animal ambulance hotline number when they launch it next Saturday. Read more [link]

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After the big fight at Mubarak Hospital another fight took place on King Fahad highway, yet this time the fight were among camels. I never knew camels are this much aggressive, wonder what was the cause?

[YouTube link]

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