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Afraid of heights? Well then this is definitely not meant for you! The above view is looking-down from the 78th floor trestle from the tallest building in Kuwait, Al Hamra Tower. We can see the top of the Luxury Center and the parked cars as tiny dots. I wish the same photo can be taken at night!

For full resolution click on the photo below.

Via [City of my Way] [Shamon MagicHands]

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Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 2.46.52 PM

The Architectural Photography Workshop is an exclusive project organized by CAP, sponsored and supported by Pace, that aims to raise awareness of local architecture and its valuable identity to the new generation of architects. 

Pace will offer a platform for the student’s photography skills under the supervision of an internationally established expertise. The workshop is a great opportunity and an eye opening experience for young Kuwaiti Architects to interact artistically with a selection of architectural buildings / monuments in Kuwait from the Golden Period of the 60’s until today.

Requirements for registration:

  1. 1.    Answer the question below with 100 words or less.

“What is the most important piece of architecture in Kuwait and why?”

  1. 2.     Send up to 6 pictures from your portfolio (no more than 8 A4 pages)

-       Two architecture projects

-       Two photography images

-       Two art projects

  1. 3.     Applicants must have a digital camera

 Due to the limited space only 10 architects will be selected

For registration and more information contact : [email protected] / [email protected]     

Deadline for submission: 17th of April 2014 

To know more about Pace visit  : 

Instagram: @pacekuwait
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Khaleejesue Online Post
Arch.ive is a publication developed as a means of showcasing the studio works of the students at the College of Architecture, Kuwait University.
Arch.ive will be launching the first issue of the publication this upcoming Wednesday, March 5th, 7:00-9:30pm.
Everyone is more than welcome to attend this event and witness all the local architectural talent in Kuwait!

This To That Conference (1)


This flyer basically sums up the whole event taking place tomorrow (Friday and Saturday). This to That will be taking place at the Al Americani Cultural Center located on the corner of the Arabian Gulf Road and Al-Shuhada Street, by the National Assembly Parliament building and across the road from Youm Al-Bahaar. Anyone interested in architecture can learn so much about how it’s evolved through the years. Registration can be done through

Friday, February 14th/12:30AM-7:00PM
Saturday, February 15th/10:00AM-5:00PM

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IMG-20131225-WA004Today is the opening of Music Rocker,which is a high end music accessories store. It’s located at the Grand avenues.

Music lover’s will find some pretty interesting cubic chairs, fun accessories to start building up a world class collection of furniture that comes with in-built sound systems varying in size and shape.

I think it will be worth checking out because I believe they will be offering some very well designed sound systems which may be perfect for bacherlor’s pad or any family with a love of music and looking for way to fancy up their homes.

you can take a quick browse through their website to get a better idea;

Looks like the heavy rain caused many flooding issues around Kuwait. I posted about expected flooding in Kuwait due to inadequacy and/or failure of storm water drainage systems in Kuwait. I received tons of photos from readers about water flooding around Kuwait including South Surra area, Ahmadi Hospital, Kuwait Airport, Qurain area…etc. However what drew my attention is the short video for a flooding inside the Avenues Mall due to the overflowing drainage caused by the heavy rain, I’m surprised because it’s relatively new. This tells us that there are underlying issues in the design and construction, this is bad. Proper engineering for various projects including mega ones is an essential aspect and overlooking it would cause numerous troubles. Problem is most owners only focus on the aesthetic/architectural aspects of buildings. I hope the contractor is willing to fix this issue for the Avenues.

Via [Musaed]

[YouTube link]

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BV40dmlIQAA7jqyWhat’s with all these buildings collapsing thesedays? Today another building suddenly collapsed in Jabriya area near Starbucks in the afternoon. They say the fire fighters are still looking for survivors that they heard screaming under the rubble. Scary! Apparently, the building was under demolition but something went terribly wrong and collapsed all of a sudden.

My guts tell me that they are not demolishing the old buildings the proper and safe way! I hope everybody’s alright.

Image via [@hamdool]


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MOSQUE33I saw some photos for the Grand Mosque after the renovations have been completed. The new interior indeed looks fabulous especially the false ceiling design and the finishing works, the chandeliers and lighting also look amazing with those carvings that are derived from the architecture of Islamic civilization. However no exterior works have been done and I heard the mosque capacity has reduced but I’m not sure. 

Via [@Q8i_Islami_Grp]

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