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20140128_084515 (Large)Spotted this Manhattan Taxi Cab on King Fahad highway sometime back and I was like “Huh, what is it doing in Kuwait?”. Isn’t it cool if they launch a taxi company with yellow cabs like those we see in NYC instead of those annoying Yota Corollas? I mean just looking at it would take me where I really wish to be! Yeah you guessed it, Times Square!


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I was sent this action shot from the Red Bull racing event that took place last weekend. I can see myself! Lemme know if you spot yourself, too! Amazing, amazing footage!

This weekend I was invited to witness first hand stunts, drifting, and intense rubber burning at the Infiniti Red Bull racing event. The day consisted of Carlos Sainz Jr., who tore up the streets (literally!) in a Formula 1 racing car sponsored by Infiniti, Abdo Feghali, a Lebanese drifter who currently holds the world record for the longest drift and is the Middle East Hill Climb Champion, and finally Chris Pfeiffer who left the crowd in awe at his amazingly executed stunts on his motorcycle.

Carlos Sains in Group shot with Red Bull Athlete

A whopping 20,000 people showed up to the event to cheer on the athletes and feel the adrenalin rush! Gulf Road was closed from right before the Kuwait Towers in order for this event to take this place.


Carlos Sainz Jr. was so extremely fast that I couldn’t really get that many pictures of him. Here’s the best I could do under the circumstances. (Some of these photos were sent to me from Red Bull)

Carlos Sainz waving in the Kuwaiti flag IMG_0277

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On 28 March 2014, Spanish driver Carlos Sainz Jr. will drive an Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula One car on the streets of Kuwait, which will be the first time a Formula One car has been driven on the country’s roads.

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Sainz Jr. commented: “When I was told I would be doing the show run, I was very happy. Anything you do with Red Bull is a lot of fun and I knew I would enjoy it. It will be my first time in Kuwait and I have heard it’s a great place, so I can’t wait to get there. It’s also exciting as it’s my first Formula One Show Run and while I’ve done tests and filming, it will be a great experience to be able to drive the car in front of all the fans.”

The Red Bull Junior Team driver has plenty of racing experience behind him already but this is truly exceptional. “Most of all, being a racer I am thrilled to be driving an F1 car and especially the RB7. It is a world famous race car, one of the true greats. I have never driven it before, I drove the RB9 last year and I can’t wait to have a go in the RB7, it will be something very special.”

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Carlos’s challenge for 2014 is to win the Formula Renault 3.5 championship and the 19-year-old from Madrid is certainly one to watch. During a limited FR3.5 campaign in 2013, Sainz impressed the FR3.5 paddock by topping the timesheets in free practice on his debut in Monaco. He had only been in the car a few times but ran a combative race to finish sixth.

In 2014 Sainz Jr. joins the DAMS team in the FR3.5 championship. The DAMS team has pedigree in FR3.5, having won both Team and Drivers’ Championships in 2013, making a star of Drivers’ Champion Kevin Magnussen, now racing in Formula One.

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Fans will see the Infiniti Red Bull Racing World Champion Car on an 800-meter long urban track stretching from Bneid El Gar signal light to the Kuwait Towers. The car, which accelerates from 0-100km/h in 2.4 seconds, can reach speeds of 250km/h and above.

In addition to the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula One Show Run, Kuwait will get a glimpse of Chris Pfeiffer, a four-time World Stunt Riding Champion and one of the best Stunt Riders in the world who will be pushing the limits with his new tricks. Red Bull Athlete Abdo Feghali will also entertain the spectators with his amazing drifts.

The hype for the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula One Show Run will begin a few days before the main event, when the team’s car will be displayed and fired up around various locations in Kuwait, as well as other activities such as the Red Bull Pitstop Game. The event sponsored by Infiniti, Pirelli, Babtain Group and Sirbb Track is held under the organization of KMRC and will take place next to Kuwait Towers on March 28 at 2pm.

Incase you missed the event that took place earlier this year in January, here’s the official video for the event. A lot of these cars might look super familiar, and you’ve probably seen them roaming around the streets of Kuwait! Enjoy :)


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Matt Hall - Race Day, Abu Dhabi 2010

Following a three-year break, the Red Bull Air Race World Championship is set to return with full force, promising fans and lovers of the fastest motor sport series in the world the most thrilling performances ever! The 8-Stop season will once again take off from the UAE capital.

Under the sponsorship of Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA), the season opener of the Red Bull Air Race World Tour 2014 will take off in the Emirates’ capital on February 28 and run across March 1 at the Corniche Breakwater. The selection of Abu Dhabi as the first stop in the World Tour reinforces the city’s leading position on the world map and continues the success of the previous rounds it has hosted.

The previous World Tour for the fastest series in motorsports fired up on Friday 26th of March, 2010. It was an opening round like no other: the change of wind speeds and rise in temperatures added to the challenges presented by the city known for constantly taking hosting to new heights, which required serious calculations adjustments from the participating teams.

Eventually, British Paul Bonhomme rightfully clinched the title with great results in speed and low flying between pylons. The double World Champion will seek this year a third consecutive win, competing against 11 elite pilots from 9 different countries.

Armed with high spirits upon his return to Abu Dhabi, Bonhomme says: “I’ve missed the flying in Red Bull Air Race because the competitive racing is just fantastic for the pilots. We’re all going to start afresh now. I’m already thinking about how to advance, how to win or even just do well to start with. I’ve got a lot of experience to fall back on, which I’ll be using going into the next world championship.”

“Speed fans can expect a thrilling weekend at the end of the month”, said Alberto Chahoud, Area Communication Manager for Red Bull Middle East & Africa. “With a series of upgrades, Red Bull Air Race vows to take racing to higher levels”. Chahoud thanked the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority for their valuable contribution and support in hosting the event.

Abu Dhabi will be hosting the Red Bull Air Race for the 7th time, following six consecutive years until 2010. The 2014 season will witness a host of technical improvements on the tracks with sky-rocketing competition levels. 12 elite pilots will compete in the world’s fastest motorsports, showcasing unparalleled skills in speed, precision and talent, on board of the lightest and most agile planes ever used and flying at speeds of up to 370 km/h between 25 meters high pylons.

The season opener’s aerial action will take place over the Arabian Gulf’s sparkling blue waters, before moving on to Rovinj, Croatia for the first time on 12th and 13th of April, then to Putrajaya in Malaysia on the 17th and 18th of May. The Red Bull Air Race World Tour will then continue to Gdynia, overlooking the Balkan sea in Poland on the 26th and 27th of July, before moving on to the home of Europe’s premier horseracing event – Ascot in Great Britain on the 16th and 17th of August. The Tour will carry on in two new US locations, Fort Worth, Dallas on 6th and 7th of September and Las Vegas on 11th and 12th of October before heading to the Final Round in China on the 1st and 2nd of November.

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship is the fastest motorsport series in the world. It features twelve of the world’s best race pilots in a pure motor-sport competition that combines speed, precision and skill. Pilots navigate a low-level aerial track made up of air-filled pylons 25 meters high at speeds of up to 370 km/h. Several rules and safety changes have been applied since the last World Championship took place three years ago, but one thing remains the same: Red Bull Air Race is the most thrilling motor sports competition in the sky.


So, we’ve all heard about the deportation laws when someone’s caught speeding and what not, and I’m sure many other, myself included, have taken very lightly to it. BUT to much of my surprise, HUNDRED’s have already been deported in the last month for traffic violations alone, and this has raised many concerns for human rights groups in the nation.

According to, a senior interior ministry official said that as many as 1,258 foreigners have been deported for traffic violations since a crackdown began about a month ago, according to the Al-Anbaa newspaper.

There are new computer systems installed in police cars where they don’t need to stop you to know if your papers have expired, instead they just scan your license plate number and all your information pops us. Fun stuff, ehh?

The Kuwait Society for Human Rights called on the government to halt the deportations describing them as “oppressive”.

“The oppressive measure against expatriates… violates the basic principles of human rights,” it said.

So be safe and make sure you’re all legally driving, please. If you’re gonna get in trouble and get kicked out of the country, at least let it be something worth it, not passing a red light or having expired papers. I know the ministry systems and the process of getting things done here is ridiculous, but it’s honestly not worth it.

Be safe :) x

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campaign223Looks like Ministry of Interior (MOI) is attempting a totally new approach to lessen/reduce traffic accidents on Kuwait streets and to encourage and promote defensive driving attitude. This time they didn’t go for fixing more speed cameras and radars, instead they are intending to give cash prizes up to KD300 for the best drivers in Kuwait that follow the traffic rules.

Apparently, 10 lucky drivers will get paid in cash and in full. To register your name in the new campaign click here

I’m liking the idea but do you think this will work?

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