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I managed to get you sneak peek photos for a new ladies dance club opening high in Kuwait sky named “Alta Fitness”. First I’d like to say that I’m really glad to see that more and more health clubs and gyms are opening for women in Kuwait nowadays since the majority are men-only. This really helps create more competition and thus lowering the prices for women gyms which happen to be very expensive when compared to men ones.


Now back to Alta Fitness, it’s located at 26th floor in Al Tijaria Tower in Kuwait city. I was told by the owners that Alta is the first highest dance club in Kuwait. Apparently, they offer all kind of dance classes and it’s only for ladies;

“We want to focus in what the women want, enjoy, workout, relaxation, disconnect, etc. we want women to workout their dreams. We have dancing class like: Ballet, latino, Zumba, salsa, Hip-hop and bachata. In the other side we have, Cross Core, Spinning, Alta ciurcuit, abdominals, stretching, pilates, steps and Self Defense.” They said.

They also added that they have a variety of personal trainers (Spanish, Kuwaities, Russians). Dancing classes aside, they have a bar which serves drinks, salads, sandwich, fruit, cereal bar.. etc. in addition to a relaxation area and a beauty care (manicure, pedicure and massage) that is planned to open shortly.


Last but not least, I asked them about the prices; they said their prices are between 60KD (1month) until 900KD (1year) and that they’ve 3 types of memberships: only gym, only classes or all inclusive. They also said they offer 25% discount for students (with student card) and between 3% and 10% discount for more than 3+ members joining together at a time.

I gotta say that I’m already falling in love with the concept and interior design and breath-taking Kuwait City skyline. Having said that, I’m intending to give Alta Fitness a try sometime to get my full impression.

Opening Times:

Sunday to Sunday from 9am – 10pm

Friday Off

Saturday from 9am-9pm

Phone: 22968670


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I was informed by one of our blog readers who has connection with Gold’s Gym management that they plan to open on 1st of December, that’s couple weeks from now. He also added that that monthly subscription is KD50 which is quite reasonable. I hope they’ll introduce special offer for the 3months, 6months, and one year subscriptions.

I also wish they’ll have adequate parking area. Gold’s Gym is located in Salmiya overlooking Gulf Road near Holiday Inn hotel.

Thanks [Faisal]gym1231

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20130929_155912 (Medium)I have been suffering from a shoulder injury for almost 5 months now. I got the injury when I was working out my shoulders at the gym, I’ve been working out for many years but one thing I’ve come to learn after all those years, if you’re not careful enough and do not do proper warming up before your exercise and go easy on the weights then you can easily get yourself severely injured. I’ve suffered chronic pain and aching in the right shoulder and I’ve seen many doctors and have had one X-ray and two MRI’s done, the reports revealed that I’ve multiple issues with my shoulder but the main ones are:

1. Mild tear in the supraspinatus tendon and impingement syndrome in the AC joint (acromioclavicular joint at the top of the shoulder).

2.  Slap tear in the labrum.

The doctors have ordered to stop my weight resistance exercises plus all other over head sport activities/sports such as Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket, Baseball, Squash, Swimming…etc. I’ve to say that I’ve suffered from depression because not being able to play my favorite sports wasn’t easily at all but I had to strictly follow their advice if I ever want to regain my heydays. They also put me on anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen and Celebrex which did temporarily help with the pain and to reduce the inflammation.

20130929_160649 (Medium)Then I went for the PT (physical therapy) which lasted for a month and a half, totalling 15 sessions that included ultra sound, ultra sonic, electric stimulation, thermal, and shockwave therapies plus light wight exercises to help stabilize the shoulder joint. The PT did slightly help relieve/improve my symptoms but did not completely resolve my problems. Fast-forward, my doctor have recently told me that I may have to go for arthroscopic shoulder surgery in order to get my injury completely repaired. Personally, I’m only considering surgery as a last resort when there’s nothing else left for me to try since it can be very invasive and needs long recovery/rehab period (I’m talking 4-6 months here).

20130929_154803 (Medium)Meanwhile, I was doing a lot of research about sport-related injuries treatments and have read about a relatively new non-surgical treatment so called Platelet-rich plasma (Abbreviation PRP). In this treatment, they collect blood plasma which is enriched with platelets and several different growth factors that stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue such as muscles, tendons, ligaments…etc. I’ve also read that several pro sports players like Tiger Woods among others have resorted to PRP to treat their sport related injuries.

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The opening of the largest Spinning Gym in Kuwait is finally here!

And you can get the to watch the live shows at avenues mall facing carfourre on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of September from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00p.m.

 A spinning workout is an excellent way to burn some calories and relieve stress. The workout employs a stationary bike, which has various tension levels. The bike will also track your progress, so that you are motivated to continue and accomplish your fitness goals. There are numerous benefits to a spinning workout.

Have any of you guys tried spinning before?

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bodybuilding_supplementshey guys!

So I have been dealing with diet and fitness issues for a while. mainly because I have been procrastinating. Many freinds have recommends everything up the wahzoo for me; from diet supplements to diet plans and steroids but my problem is I don’t trust these popular injections and most of the trainers that I have spoken to sooner or later go up this route. And also,I don’t want to look like a V (you know those chaps we see around all muscled up on top but sticks beneath)

I have gone to a few popular gyms in town and honestly I feel out of place,lol. well because I’m self aware and I’m sure those guys are just laughing at my chubby tummy.

What do you guys suggest in terms of weight lose and an affordable gym? If there are supplements,what would you recommend?


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20130714_232629 (Medium)A friend to our blog has informed us about a newly opened gym in Kuwait City, specifically at Al Ghawali Mall, that has a similar concept to Core Fitness, Club Fit, and Rush gyms in which the subscriber can book a number of weekly sessions to get a proper training plan under the supervision of a dedicated personal trainer.

So I paid a quick visit to The Suit Gym to check on the facilities and to get a better idea about their training programs. The gym itself is small in size and has limited facilities but that’s fine since only client will be training at a time. I saw a small free weight zone, treadmills, and a shower. As I said the concept of the gym is to book a number of sessions for a particular fitness program or muscle gain. Those who are seeking a private personal trainer to supervise all their training program (unlike traditional gyms), or those who are quite busy and have a very limited free time may find The Suit Gym suitable.

20130714_232632 (Medium)Personally I prefer to perform my exercises my way but I can’t deny that it’s great to have a dedicated trainer. I asked about their prices and they told me the following:

125 KD for 12 session

212 KD for 24 sessions

300 KD for 36 sessions

(session= 45 minutes) 

Address: Ghawali Mall across from Al Raya Center

Phone: 22320669

Open: Saturday – Thursday

20130714_232805 (Medium)

20130714_232831 (Medium)

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Many are asking me these days when will Gold’s Gym open in Kuwait and what will be their subscription prices but frankly I don’t have the answers yet, what I know is that Gold’s Gym construction is almost complete and my guess is that they will open within two months or less. Luckily, a friend sent me a 3D presentation showing the facilities of Gold’s Gym Kuwait and it does look great.

Those who don’t know Gold’s Gym, it’s a world famous American health club franchise with over 650 branches worldwide. It’s the gym legend Arnold Schwarzenegger used to train at during his prime years. Yes I also remember hearing rumors about Arnold Schwarzenegger coming to Kuwait for the opening of Gold’s Gym but nothing’s confirmed. It’s located in Salmiya just beside Electrozan, I will keep you updated so stay tuned fellas.

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I was told by a friend that Platinum Health Club in Messila was opened before yesterday so I called them in the A.M to ask about their subscriptions prices.

1month: KD40

2months: KD75

3months: KD105

6months + 1month free: KD200

1year + 2months free: KD390

Now that’s kinda reasonable but I haven’t checked the facilities. I heard ground floor has cardio zone, swimming pool, steam and sauna. On 1st floor there’s the free dumbbell area, weight training machines, trademills area, aerobics zone plus a cafeteria. I’ll probably pay them a quick visit sometime this week to check out the gym and take some photos.

Phone: 22922560

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