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How amazing is BocaJunior and McDonalds for giving children aged 8-10 the chance to fly out to Brazil to attend the world cup? All you have to do is enroll your child in their one of a kind football club or through their website ( and your child is automatically eligible to win a free trip, with a guardian, of course.


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Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? is announcing it’s first ever football tournament scheduled for the 31st of this month. I don’t know about you but I’m super excited! Here’s the breakdown of what’s scheduled to happen and how to be a part of it.

Basically it’s going to be 16 teams (you’re all more than welcome to sign up) competing for first place and for the cup! All  4 courts are booked from 3-9pm at Shaab Park Goal courts! Each team consists of 7 players who each get awesome shirts and goodies from Knockbook Lounge for only 20 KD. All the team members must be over the age of 18, and males (Sorry Girlies!) There are loads of prizes to be won and guest players from Kuwait’s National team that are going to be handed their own awards just for being awesome.

First and second place winners get cash prizes along (350 and 175) with medals and cups. One member from each team that participates gets a best placer award, regardless of if they’re a goalie or an offensive/defensive player. Redbull will be there to hand out their yummy drinks, and there’ll be a live DJ blasting awesome tunes for the entire tournament.

Registration starts on the 15th of January at KnockBook Lounge in Laila Gallery right by the cinema. Who ever is planning to sign up needs to have the Civil ID numbers of all their team members and pay right on the spot.

Audience members are also gonna be randomly given loads of goodies throughout the tournament so be sure to spread the word and bring everyone you know. LOADS of media outlets will be there and LOADS of amazing prizes for everyone to enjoy.

Watch this space for more information!


IMG_20131212_110300 (Medium)PlayStation 4 is now available for KD130 in several outlets in Kuwait, you can find it here:

Geant: KD130

SONY official dealer: KD130 (European only)

Eureka: KD130

X-Cite: KD130

Electrozan: KD130

Now that’s a fair price compared to the initial price in Rihab complex (KD215+). I’m tempted to get it now but I’ll hold my horses until the 2nd version is released so that all the glitches (if any) are completely fixed.

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20131123_200400 (Small)So SONY PlayStation 4 (PS4) has finally hit Kuwait after such a long await, and I’m pretty sure every hard gamer out there is willing to do anything to get his hands on it right now. However, the question to be asked; is it the time now to go ahead and burn your cash to get PS 4 (which is now available at Al Rehab complex in Hawally) or should you wait little longer?

20131123_200146 (Small)Well, there’e an old proverb that says “Patience is a virtue” and this saying can’t get any truer than now. I paid a quick visit to Al Rehab complex today in the early evening, it’s been ages since I’ve been there, and as I approached the complex entrance, a number of strangers were asking me if I want to get PS4 for the best price ever. “Yes, sure” I replied, then they asked me to follow them to their shops on 1st floor.

20131123_200119 (Small)They offered me Sony PlayStation 4 Standard Edition 500 GB Black (NTSC or American version) for KD230 (comes with 1 joystick and without any games), but I managed to bargain the price tag and get it down to around KD215. Some shops were trying to attract me by offering me a free game for KD230. I remember PS 3 was around the same price when it first came out in Kuwait back in 2007 I think. As you may be aware, the official price for PS4 that was announced by SONY is $399 (KD115 roughly), so the price in Kuwait now is almost the double, but I warned about price manipulation in my previous post [link]. I also checked Kuwait online stores such as Souk and Sheeel and the prices were around KD225, which is slightly higher than Rehab complex.

I overheard from some friends that SONY PlayStation 4 will be officially released in Kuwait in about a month with a price tag around KD130. So my advice is to hold your horses and wait till it officially arrives to Kuwait. Games-wise, the prices were around KD17-KD25 each.

As for the released games so far, I saw:

FIFA 2014

Call Of Duty (COD): Ghosts

Assassins Creed IV Black Flag

Battle Field

Kill Zone: Shadow Fall


In Justice 

NBA 2K14

Lego Marvel Superheroes

20131123_200530 (Small)

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PS4-vs-XboxWith the long awaited consoles PS4 & Xbox One around the corner (since both will be released later this month) I’m still undecided which one to go for. Mind you I always disliked consoles and favored computers, the reason is simply because with computers I can always customize the hardware to get that high-end graphics that I dream of by tweaking the games settings. I’m talking very high resolution with say 16X Anti-Aliasing or more without of course sacrifying the frames rate (60fps or higher). The downside was of course the high cost since building a monster PC will cost no less than KD800-KD1000 so consoles can save much in that respect for gamers.

Hardware & Graphics

So back to the decision making. Apparently, both consoles have almost the same specs with regards to hardware. Well, to be more honest it does appear that PS4 will slightly be a bit more powerful than Xbox One. However, I expected Microsoft and Sony to build much powerful consoles that are capable of producing breath-taking graphics, sadly that’s not the case so I don’t know if I can even call them next gen consoles as many popular websites do. So this is probably not a deciding factor, well at least for me.

(See at the end of post for full hardware comparison table)


In my opinion this must be the crucial criterion that will make many favor one console over the other. Obviously most popular games titles will be available on either platform, but I’m talking about those exclusive hit gamez. So far PS4 is promising more exclusive gamez but I’ve seen the list of upcoming Xbox One games and there are many hot titles as well.

Price & Release Date

The announced PS4 price will be $400 (KD115 roughly) and will be realsed on November 29th, 2013 in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand and November 15 in the US and Canada. While official Xbox One release date is on November 22, 2013 with $500 (KD142). I’m sure both consoles will arrive to Kuwait around the same time but buyer must beware since some shops will most likely manipulate the price tag. As you can see Xbox One is more expensive because Microsoft says that its new Kinect 2 sensor will be bundled.

UPDATE: As we said before, SONY announced on their official twitter account that PS4 was launched in the U.S. today (November 15th, 2013) with $399 price tag. It will arrive officially to Kuwait and other GCC countries within a month.


I’m still not utterly conclusive but I’m more tending toward PS4 than Xbox One. The reason for that is clearly isn’t the slightly better hardware or marginally cheaper price of PS4 but mainly because I’m not feeling comfy with Xbox One user policy after reading about the many constraints and charges Microsoft is intending to place. I recall Microsoft was initially planning to have rigid restrictions on game lending, internet requirements, and region locking but apparently have changed their tune later when many disgruntled customers have voiced their frustrations.

This by no means should be interpreted as that PS4 is better but so far things are slightly brighter on PS4 side.  However, things could completely change when both consoles are out, it’s largely a waiting game in my humble opinion. So what’s your call?

Helping links [link1][link2]

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20131018_132710 (Medium)I used to be a big fan of plastic models during my teenage years but I always had difficulty getting the different parts assembled correctly. I’ve collector friends who have wide range of plastic models and I’d thought it would be great to share with you this post. I learned about a new Kuwaiti club named PLAMO (stands for plastic modelling) that is specialized in giving training courses on how to assemble and design various plastic models such as those we see in Japanese anime, DC Comics, and Marvel. I think they are the first club in Kuwait that gives courses on first scale modelling. Cool.

In addition to their classes, they also arrange hobby festivals, expos, and competitions every now and then. The great news that the winners in their local competition will get the chance to represent Kuwait in international contests.

20131018_132805 (Medium)

20131018_132833 (Medium)Another great thing is that trainees will get certified certificates I’m really loving their work. For registration and more information:

Phone: +965 6556 6046

Email: [email protected]

Also check out their Instagram account, they do have some really cool stuff [@plamoq8]

20131018_132742 (Medium)

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dosgames11Remember DOS games, yes I’m talking about those old timer classic PC games that were released in the period 1990 to probably the year 1995 when Windows was not even released. I’m sure many of your recall those lovely games, what was your favorite one? Monkey Island? Cannon Fodder? Prince of Persia? Theme Park? Maybe Full Throttle or simply first time shooter like Doom 2 or Dark Forces?

Personally I used to enjoy click adventure games big time. I still remember spending countless hours playing Flight of the Amazon Queen, Beneath A Steel Sky, Simon The Sorcerer, Day of the Tentacles from Lucas Arts, Command & Conquer among many others. I was always trying to find a way to play those games, I even built a retro computer with outdated hardware so I could run MS DOS and Windows 3.1 to be able to run them. 

Well, what if I tell you that you can play 90% of those games on your Android smartphone or iPhone? How does that sound? I was excited to know that DOSBox have released their app for both iOS & Android. If you haven’t heard about DOSBox before then let me explain in brief, it’s simply an application (emulator) that will allow you to run DOS and play classic games just like you did when you first bought your 386 or 486 PC that had 4 MB ram, 250 MB hard desk , Sound Blaster sound card and Double Speed CD-ROM, and of course the 1.44 floppy disk drive.

adosboxSo let’s get to the point, shall we? Follow these steps and you can easily play almost any DOS game and revive your old times and lovely childhood memories:

1. Download & install the application “aDosBox” from Google Play.

2. Once installed, click on the application icon.

3. You are now in a virtual DOS, you can use commands like; dir, dir /p, cd, cd.. , del…etc.

4. Download MS DOS games from many websites that offer them for free. If you don’t know any ask me and I’ll gladly help.

5. After downloading your favorite games, connect yous smartphone to your laptop or computer via USB then drag & drop the game directory from your computer to your phone memory directory.

6. Access the game directory on your smartphone using DosBox app by typing: cd followed by game directory name.

7. Look for the execution file, ususally ends with exe, bat, or com extension.

8. Enjoy!

Note: For any questions, please feel free to ask.


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samy-clarkRemember the mini comics convention so called Q8Con that I posted about before? I came to know that they are planning to bring Sammy Clark & Jihad Al-Atrash to Kuwait for the convention. Sammy Clark is the man who did the theme song for Grendizer and Jihad Al Atrash did the voice for the main character in Grandizer (Duke Fleed), isn’t that cool?

The bad news though is that the Q8Con convention was supposed to be organized this summer but was postponed to February 2014. I’m sure they will invite more characters for the convention as time goes by.

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