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I thought I’d share with you the amazing news of American Tourister’s sale that’s going on from now up until July 21st. They have an amazing amazing range of new bags in various new colors and shapes.


Here are some things I didn’t know about the brand and traveling:

When you purchase a bag, you get a 3 year INTERNATIONAL warranty on all it’s accessories (wheels, lock, handle etc.) If you mess it up yourself IE scratch it and bang it up, it doesn’t count! Neither does it count if the zipper jams. They’re only responsible for manufacturing mistakes, so keep that in mind!IMG_1297

American Tourister has been around since 1930, where the owner wanted to originally sell luggage for 1$ and the brand grew from there.

You get excellent value for the price you pay, and the bags are more or less a reasonable price for everyone!


They are located in various locations, Marina, Muthana, Souq Al Kabir, and other outlets like Debenhams and some hypermarkets as well!

The maximum size for your cabin luggage (carry on) is 55 centimeters. It must also not weigh more that 7 KG. They make their bags extremely lightweight to ensure travelers don’t have to worry about extra weight!


Large suitcases should not be more that 32 KG. I know that sometimes airports let that slide, but 32 is the international limit and that should be abided.


There are 2 types of locks (I honestly had no idea) The TSA lock, that has a red logo on the lock itself, and the regular lock that has digits. The TSA lock basically means that it has a universal key that can be used at different airports. In places that are more strict about checking luggage, they usually have these keys, and instead of breaking your locks, they can use the key and check in a more civilized manner:P

All in all, they’re an amazing invest, both in style and in durability.

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Recall the colorful glassy building with water falls on its facade (AKA Safat) in Hawally just opposite to TSC? It was totally empty for a long time even though construction completed years ago. Last night, I was heading to TSC and I saw that EUREKA has just opened there.


Inside, I observed that the whole interior was occupied by EUREKA electronics with over three floors, I think this might be their largest branch in Kuwait. I saw TVs, Smartphones, Computers, Home appliances, speakers, players distributed over three floors with Zaatar W Zeit and Nestle Toll House on the side. Also, there was a family entertainment area on the 1st floor. I liked the place since reaching EUREKA at Salem Mubarak street can become Mission:Impossible sometimes.



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Sorry guys, this post is for the ladies!


Make up artist for stars like Nancy Ajram and Yara, is going to be in Kuwait on the 29th and 30th of this month for an exclusive training courses on makeup application for anyone who is interested.


One of my favorite people in the world, Tara Sillery- mastermind behind PR Passion, has once again managed to pull off an amazing opportunity for women in the Middle East!


Be sure to sign up as soon as you can for this once in a life time opportunity that I promise you, you won’t regret!


Event will be taking place in Jumeirah Beach Hotel over the course of 2 days where all attendees will gain amazing knowledge about the application of makeup and all the trade secrets from the king himself!


Bookings can be made through Rola’s Beauty Lounge’s brand ambassador, Ms. Tara Sillery on 6009 2720 through whatsapp, or through e-mail on [email protected]! Mention Bananaq8 or my name (Nada Sbeyti) when signing up for amazing offers :)

fadykataya_insta English


See you all there!

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Hotel Missoni Kuwait held an exclusive only bloggers dinner on March 10th to have the opportunity to be the first to taste the new pizza oven. The event included  , a welcome drink, a selective menu set on each table.


Chef Giancarlo Polizzi, was brought in exclusively for this event. A brief bio on Chef Polizzi, He has worked as a pizza chef for 23 years and has owned his pizzeria for 12 years it has been very successful in the small town of Santa Caterina in Sicily. Giancarlo also runs a small bakery, which produces traditional Sicilian bread and sweets. His favorite pizza is ortolana, which is a vegetarian pizza made with tomato, mozzarella, eggplant, zucchini, basil and Parmesan shaves.


Alfio Bernardini, the general manager at Hotel Missoni Kuwait expressed a warm welcome to all the bloggers and thanked them for their continuous support.


As the event came to an each blogger received a Hotel Missoni Giveaway.




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Everyone knows diamonds (or crystals in this case) are a girls best friend. This BEAUTIFUL online jewelry store is full of different customizable pieces that can be tailored to everyones taste.


Everything is gold plated with exceptional pieces of Swarovski jewels that are to die for. Anything you can think of, they’ll be sure to deliver! Prices are so reasonable, there are tons of limited addition pieces and absolutely EVERYTHING is handmade.


They deliver worldwide so it doesn’t matter where you are or where you want to send these goodies, they’ll find a way!


If you’d like to see all their products for yourself, there are several different platforms you can visit for more samples. They will also be participating at the “Laha” or “For her” exhibition taking place this weekend at Costa Del Sol Hotel in Shaab block 8.


If you weren’t sure what to get your mom  for Mother’s Day, you’re welcome!



You can make your orders through whatsapp on +965 96012700

Facebook page is Beroea handmade accessories and the official Instagram page is Beroea_handmade

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I got invited over the weekend to Katsuya in Avenues. Honestly, I’m not a huge sushi fanatic, but YUM! The staff is incredibly friendly and enthusiastic, the environment is extremely cosy and the food is to die for. Katsuya Kuwait is the first location for Katsuya in the Middle East. It is the 8th branch to open worldwide, and the first one to open outside of the United States. There was also an exhibition for Philippe Starck, a French product and interior designer who dressed and decorated all the Katsuya’s around the world.

I was taken on a tour by Hussein Hussein, the manager, and probably one of the nicest people I have ever met. He led me to the exhibition and introduced me to both the art and the designer. Starck designs all the chairs, tables, and interior for this franchise. His art is very simple and very symmetrical. Everything he designs is perfectly proportional and elegant. The artist uses simple geometric shapes to make very beautiful art.


Before you walk into the restaurant, there are two HUGE rocks with the word “victory” engraved into them in Japanese. These rocks have 2 holes in them at the top where there would normally be flames coming out of them, but since Katsuya Kuwait is indoors, this is near impossible.


All the art work found around Katsuya is very oriental with a touch of modern day design. Every table has one unique chair, whether its by color or by shape, there are Geisha fans, Samurai swords, and happy cats everywhere! There are beautiful vibrant Geisha dresses hung in various locations throughout the venue. The walls are decked out in warrior helmets of different colors, and if you look closely you will find so many unexpected little things everywhere! There are tractors and guns placed in the most random places. This gave off such a playful vibe to the overall feel of the restaurant.


Anytime someone walks in to the venue, the waiter showing them to their table chants ” Irasshaimase” and everyone repeats after them in a melodic tone. By the end of the night we all joined in! I have to admit, that might have been my favorite part of the visit. Irasshaimase means welcome in Japanese.

One of the chef’s made us tropical juices that we thoroughly enjoyed.  All the contents of the juices were fresh and made right in front of us, even the syrups were made in house and had a life span of 3 days, then a new batch would be made. But trust me, they run out the same day, those drinks are absolute PERFECTION. I had the Katsuya Crush, which was made up of fresh-pressed mint and raspberry, topped with 7UP and a squeeze of lime, so simple but SO good! My hubby had the Burning Mandarin which is a spicy drink made up of hand crushed chili, fresh lemon and orange juice, with just a splash of cranberry. Sugar was placed all around the rim of the cup to break up the extreme spiciness, but he thoroughly enjoyed it. I would have probably died.


We probably ended up ordering the entire menu, some of which were recommended to us and others we ordered because we are complete fatties.

We started off with the Creamy Rock Shrimp which consisted of bite size shrimp tossed in creamy, spicy sauce. This tasted a lot like the famous Dynamite Shrimp from PF Changs but was a lot lighter. HIGHLY recommended.

The Salmon Sashimi with Ikura was made of salmon sashimi lightly rolled with Japanese onion chutney, topped with Ikura on a cucumber crisp. All the cucumbers are dried and cut fresh when the order is made. I loved that all the orders have larger portions that serve the purpose they were meant to. It’s mostly finger food that was made to be shared. YUM.


We also had the regular Salmon Sashimi, the hero of the night. The salmon was absolute perfection, that is all I can say.


The Mushroom Salad came and was almost too beautiful to eat. It was served with 4 different types of Japanese mushrooms over buttered lettuce. If you’re a mushroom lover, you’ll be in heaven.


The Mushroom Bop consisted of sizzling rice mixed with loads and loads of mushrooms and soy sauce.

Finally we ordered the Hollywood Rolls and the famous Katsuya Rolls. At this point I honestly couldn’t breathe but the food was too good to stop then. Hollywood rolls came with shrimp tempura, spicy kanikama, avocado and cucumber roll topped with spicy albacore. The Katsuya rolls had tuna, yellowtail, salmon, scallop, crab and avocado wrapped with rice, soy paper, and cucumber, served with wasabi ponzu on the side. There were so many different types of fish in those little rolls, but to my surprise it didn’t taste fishy at all.




Overall, it was an amazing experience and we will definitely be back again!

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According to an article I found on Forbes, President Obama is keen to getting rid of the American Penny. His argument is that there are over 6 billion people who have phones, so why not go on with making payments through their mobile phones? It won’t be much later till all physical evidence of both paper money and coins will be a thing of the past. Payments for virtually everything will be done through fingerprints or mobile phones.

There’s an NFC chip inside most mobile phone chips that can transmit banking and payment data when placed near certain card readers. According to, “a debit card, a mobile phone can display interactive payment details. And, instead of the credit card application process of filling out paperwork and waiting for the mail, using a mobile phone to pay requires only the download of an app and linking to bank details. PayPal president, David Marcus, calls it Money 3.0.”

This notion has started in Kuwait through a company called Borolo. Basically, all you have to do is go to a Second Cup or a Coffee Republic and they’ll give you a sticker to place on the back of your phone and voila! This feature is only available for Viva users for now, but soon this notion will be widespread in all shops and telephones. Also, what’s amazing about this is that it doesn’t need to be a smart phone! Even if you’re using an ancient phone and have no cash on you, you can still have yummy coffee.

If you pay your phone bill at the end of every month, it just adds to the overall payment; and if you recharge your phone, it deducts from your credit. You don’t need to pay anything extra for a subscription. What do you guys think of mobile payments? Are you with or against it?

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Superstar Ragheb Alama began the first journey of his new fragrance Le Grand Amour in Kuwait today. A number of press and bloggers were invited to the Sheraton to attend the press release for this very alluring fragrance, which was then followed by a lunch with amazing food.

The women’s perfume named Le Grand Amour of big love, (El Hob El Kibeer, like his famous song), has a very rich aroma that is keen to make anyone who gets a wiff of it fall in love instantly! This fragrance was made for the everyday woman who wants to be attractive without trying to hard. The smell isn’t overpowering but it’s just enough to get attention! I absolutely adored it the second I tried it.

I loved Ragheb! He was so down to earth and funny that it showed why he’s been so successful throughout the years. I, of course, was fan girling. He does so much to give back to everyone who looks up to him, including building schools for the less fortunate and all his efforts with UNESCO. Everyone attending got a bottle of his new fragrance which I personally will cherish forever and ever.

With valentines in a couple of days, boys, go out and buy a bottle for your lover (or your mommy, I know I will!). I guarantee you she will be head over heels in love with this gift!

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