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Last night, we had the honor of being invited to Cocoa/Cabana to try out their menu in Abu Halifa. The concept behind the restaurant is one of a kind, and virtually never heard of before!


Everything in their menu has a mix of chocolate with their special sauce- even the burgers! You’ll find things on the menu like Caesar Salad with cookies, Nutella samboosak and other strange yet yummy mixtures!


The only downside, I would say, to the restaurant is that the food took way too long to arrive. It took about 2 hours for our burgers to arrive but when they finally did, it was evident what all the hype was about.


Overall, it was an amazing experience with amazing people and a beautiful atmosphere. There was a live saxophone player who entertained throughout the night, good food and enough chocolate to satisfy anyone’s cravings!


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So, obviously I’m super hungry, and somehow stubbled upon this recipe that made me gain 45 kilos just looking at the photos. I am going straight to the grocery store right after work to purchase all these ingredients and will probably end up in the nearest hospital because I gave myself a heart attack.

Warning: This is not for the faint hearted.

How To Make a 15 Pound Snickers Bar

Like I said, you might become diabetic when attempting to devour this cake.

First off, you need a ton of chocolate and fatty everything on the face of the planet- or just everything in this photograph.


You’ll then melt all the chocolate, butterscotch, and add a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter, depending on your preference- I’m not judging you.


Should look a little like this


Then proceed to cover the bottom of a very large tub? with half of the outcome of your melted deliciousnessness, as tempting as it is to stick your fingers in it, save the rest for later!


Then add a couple Snickers bars to our concoction. Just around the edges- you’ll add more later.


You’ll stick all Snickers to the rest of your melted yumminess with Nutella. Just because there isn’t enough chocolate in the mix.


You will then melt the Kraft Caramels, or any other caramels of your choosing, Nestle Carnation Milk, and tons of butter-just because.


Something delicious and magical like this should appear..


Then add all the melted gooeyness into the middle of your Snickers pool and add some unsalted peanuts.


Then you add even more Snickers into the pool of goodness. I know, I know. These ones are smaller, they don’t count.


Then comes the nougat..which is basically consists of melted marshmallow puffies.


When all melted properly, it should look a little like this


I’m almost done, I promise! All you have to do now is create another small Snickers pool with the mini bites and add your freshly made nougat into the mix


Perfect! All that’s left is to add the other half of the base you originally made as a top layer and pop it into the freezer for 2 hours, or so!


This is what your final disaster should look like. You’re welcome, and I’m sorry if you end up in a hospital with your arteries clogged and weight 45 kilos more than when you began reading this.


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I got invited over the weekend to Katsuya in Avenues. Honestly, I’m not a huge sushi fanatic, but YUM! The staff is incredibly friendly and enthusiastic, the environment is extremely cosy and the food is to die for. Katsuya Kuwait is the first location for Katsuya in the Middle East. It is the 8th branch to open worldwide, and the first one to open outside of the United States. There was also an exhibition for Philippe Starck, a French product and interior designer who dressed and decorated all the Katsuya’s around the world.

I was taken on a tour by Hussein Hussein, the manager, and probably one of the nicest people I have ever met. He led me to the exhibition and introduced me to both the art and the designer. Starck designs all the chairs, tables, and interior for this franchise. His art is very simple and very symmetrical. Everything he designs is perfectly proportional and elegant. The artist uses simple geometric shapes to make very beautiful art.


Before you walk into the restaurant, there are two HUGE rocks with the word “victory” engraved into them in Japanese. These rocks have 2 holes in them at the top where there would normally be flames coming out of them, but since Katsuya Kuwait is indoors, this is near impossible.


All the art work found around Katsuya is very oriental with a touch of modern day design. Every table has one unique chair, whether its by color or by shape, there are Geisha fans, Samurai swords, and happy cats everywhere! There are beautiful vibrant Geisha dresses hung in various locations throughout the venue. The walls are decked out in warrior helmets of different colors, and if you look closely you will find so many unexpected little things everywhere! There are tractors and guns placed in the most random places. This gave off such a playful vibe to the overall feel of the restaurant.


Anytime someone walks in to the venue, the waiter showing them to their table chants ” Irasshaimase” and everyone repeats after them in a melodic tone. By the end of the night we all joined in! I have to admit, that might have been my favorite part of the visit. Irasshaimase means welcome in Japanese.

One of the chef’s made us tropical juices that we thoroughly enjoyed.  All the contents of the juices were fresh and made right in front of us, even the syrups were made in house and had a life span of 3 days, then a new batch would be made. But trust me, they run out the same day, those drinks are absolute PERFECTION. I had the Katsuya Crush, which was made up of fresh-pressed mint and raspberry, topped with 7UP and a squeeze of lime, so simple but SO good! My hubby had the Burning Mandarin which is a spicy drink made up of hand crushed chili, fresh lemon and orange juice, with just a splash of cranberry. Sugar was placed all around the rim of the cup to break up the extreme spiciness, but he thoroughly enjoyed it. I would have probably died.


We probably ended up ordering the entire menu, some of which were recommended to us and others we ordered because we are complete fatties.

We started off with the Creamy Rock Shrimp which consisted of bite size shrimp tossed in creamy, spicy sauce. This tasted a lot like the famous Dynamite Shrimp from PF Changs but was a lot lighter. HIGHLY recommended.

The Salmon Sashimi with Ikura was made of salmon sashimi lightly rolled with Japanese onion chutney, topped with Ikura on a cucumber crisp. All the cucumbers are dried and cut fresh when the order is made. I loved that all the orders have larger portions that serve the purpose they were meant to. It’s mostly finger food that was made to be shared. YUM.


We also had the regular Salmon Sashimi, the hero of the night. The salmon was absolute perfection, that is all I can say.


The Mushroom Salad came and was almost too beautiful to eat. It was served with 4 different types of Japanese mushrooms over buttered lettuce. If you’re a mushroom lover, you’ll be in heaven.


The Mushroom Bop consisted of sizzling rice mixed with loads and loads of mushrooms and soy sauce.

Finally we ordered the Hollywood Rolls and the famous Katsuya Rolls. At this point I honestly couldn’t breathe but the food was too good to stop then. Hollywood rolls came with shrimp tempura, spicy kanikama, avocado and cucumber roll topped with spicy albacore. The Katsuya rolls had tuna, yellowtail, salmon, scallop, crab and avocado wrapped with rice, soy paper, and cucumber, served with wasabi ponzu on the side. There were so many different types of fish in those little rolls, but to my surprise it didn’t taste fishy at all.




Overall, it was an amazing experience and we will definitely be back again!

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DSC_4134The Regency hotel has recently added to their list of gourmet food outlets,their very own pastry store which carries a variety of desserts from cakes to fancy,creative cakes.

The Regency Gourmet, as the new store is known, is located inside the hotel adjacent to the lobby. It also carries exclusive flavored Olive oil including the the new tea trend; flower blossom tea and naturally flavored teas.



DSC_4136What attracted me the most about is is that, I don’t have to to sit and have my sweets at the hotel, I can call and order in advance and it will be ready for me to pick up and leave. My favorite choices have to be the red velvet,Opera Cake and Black forest cake which has to be cracked open like an egg!

The prices are surprisingly reasonable for a place like The Regency Hotel.

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chocolate11Remember the Italian chocolate-specialized cafe and restaurant, Cioccolati Italiani, that was originally planned to open at AlHamra Luxury Center, but shifted to The Avenues Phase 3? I saw it opened last night opposite to The Cheesecake Factory. They said the grand opening will be in two weeks. Cioccolati Italiani is all about chocolate, everything has chocolate mix with it one way or another. Additionally, they serve a wide variety of gelato.

I’ll make sure to pass by sometime this week and try it out to get my full impression.


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I came across The East India Company at the Grand Avenues (opposite T Lounge in The Souk),I had heard about their coffee and chocolates from a friend who suggested I stop by to give it a try.

I tried the chocolates and some of their coffee and was impressed by them. The service inside was great, usually when I have gone to such shops I have found the sales assistants not to be well informed about their products.


I must mention that their prices are a little bit on the steep side but for great coffee I though it was worth it. I  recommend you try the St Helena coffee.


Their chocolates and packaging are hand made and their coffee is delicious and smells good. As a big lover of coffee, I tasted a distinct difference in taste compared to the other coffee cafes and also coffee stores that I had previously bought my coffee from.

SAM_0078I tried various chocolates from them including their drinking chocolates and I loved the chocolate truffles as well as the latte chocolates. SAM_0075

They have other products in the store like tea accessories,green tea from China as well as a floral green tea!

All their products are exclusive to them here in Kuwait.


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I know you are all going to probably kill me for this post but I couldn’t help myself but share this amazing little place I have discovered. A family friend of ours came over for Futoor last night and he brought along with him a whole range of deserts. Cakes, rice crispies, za’atar sticks, coffee sweets, etc. Now, I am not usually a sweet-tooth but I think I may have found my new addiction: Sugar & Spice.


I didn’t try everything, I only tried the rice crispies and the Red Velvet Cheese Cake. The rice crispies were really good, crunchy but moist at the same time. The cake was phenomenal but way too heavy for my liking.



I was thinking though how nowadays everything new that is opening is all about food! Even the home businesses, its either deserts or appetizers or anything to do with food! And the problem is, you can only have one too many cookies or cupcakes! They have all become the same to me.  I guess there really is nothing better to do in Kuwait than eat!



Anyways, back to the point… Sugar & Spice is a must try and they recently just opened in Salmiya, right across from AUK. I recommend, the red velvet cheese cake. Go for it, indulge.


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20130612_154417 (Medium)After a long exhausting working day I decided to use Gulf street to head back home and next to The Palms Hotel I saw Arabella Project was just opened, this European styled touristic project took so long but it’s finally open. So I decided to park my car and take a quick stroll around it to see what’s opening. As I said in my previous post back in December 2012 the 8,000+ Sq. meter touristic project takes the style of a European architecture with many retail stores, restaurants, cafe’s, Spa & Beauty and sports bar.

20130612_153750 (Medium)

The restaurants that were opened so far include:

Le Relais de l’Entrecote

Olive Garden

There were many other opening soon restaurants including:

The Cheesecake Factory


Long Horn Steak House

Red Lobster

Pizzeria Margherita




Texas Roadhouse

Hello Kitty

Coffeeshop Company

Long Horn Steak House

20130612_153949 (Medium)I also came to know that Deer&Dear, Toni&Guy among many other shops and restaurants are also going to open gradually. I suspect Arabella would look great during spring times when the weather is cool and during the evening. Though my only disappointment regards the small parking area, I heard there will be a basement parking but I’m not sure.

Thanks [Tazmania]

20130612_153842 (Medium)

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