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The Architectural Photography Workshop is an exclusive project organized by CAP, sponsored and supported by Pace, that aims to raise awareness of local architecture and its valuable identity to the new generation of architects. 

Pace will offer a platform for the student’s photography skills under the supervision of an internationally established expertise. The workshop is a great opportunity and an eye opening experience for young Kuwaiti Architects to interact artistically with a selection of architectural buildings / monuments in Kuwait from the Golden Period of the 60’s until today.

Requirements for registration:

  1. 1.    Answer the question below with 100 words or less.

“What is the most important piece of architecture in Kuwait and why?”

  1. 2.     Send up to 6 pictures from your portfolio (no more than 8 A4 pages)

-       Two architecture projects

-       Two photography images

-       Two art projects

  1. 3.     Applicants must have a digital camera

 Due to the limited space only 10 architects will be selected

For registration and more information contact : [email protected] / [email protected]     

Deadline for submission: 17th of April 2014 

To know more about Pace visit  : 

Instagram: @pacekuwait
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So, obviously I’m super hungry, and somehow stubbled upon this recipe that made me gain 45 kilos just looking at the photos. I am going straight to the grocery store right after work to purchase all these ingredients and will probably end up in the nearest hospital because I gave myself a heart attack.

Warning: This is not for the faint hearted.

How To Make a 15 Pound Snickers Bar

Like I said, you might become diabetic when attempting to devour this cake.

First off, you need a ton of chocolate and fatty everything on the face of the planet- or just everything in this photograph.


You’ll then melt all the chocolate, butterscotch, and add a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter, depending on your preference- I’m not judging you.


Should look a little like this


Then proceed to cover the bottom of a very large tub? with half of the outcome of your melted deliciousnessness, as tempting as it is to stick your fingers in it, save the rest for later!


Then add a couple Snickers bars to our concoction. Just around the edges- you’ll add more later.


You’ll stick all Snickers to the rest of your melted yumminess with Nutella. Just because there isn’t enough chocolate in the mix.


You will then melt the Kraft Caramels, or any other caramels of your choosing, Nestle Carnation Milk, and tons of butter-just because.


Something delicious and magical like this should appear..


Then add all the melted gooeyness into the middle of your Snickers pool and add some unsalted peanuts.


Then you add even more Snickers into the pool of goodness. I know, I know. These ones are smaller, they don’t count.


Then comes the nougat..which is basically consists of melted marshmallow puffies.


When all melted properly, it should look a little like this


I’m almost done, I promise! All you have to do now is create another small Snickers pool with the mini bites and add your freshly made nougat into the mix


Perfect! All that’s left is to add the other half of the base you originally made as a top layer and pop it into the freezer for 2 hours, or so!


This is what your final disaster should look like. You’re welcome, and I’m sorry if you end up in a hospital with your arteries clogged and weight 45 kilos more than when you began reading this.


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Everyone’s always so concerned with all the good they can do for the world, but it always seems like no one ever does anything, right? Wrong!
The amazing team behind OXadventure does just that. Everything they do is for the sake of those less fortunate that us. They plan trips to different places like India and Africa (among others) and spend their time and effort to help people through doing good.
OXadventure was initiated by Kuwaiti youth in August 2013, with the first project under their name completed in December 2013 in India. The organization focuses on globalizing the youth through volunteer work, travel, stepping out of typical comfort zones and educating the youth on the global and local issues that need attention and support.
The ultimate vision of OXadventure is to influence the youth of Kuwait to begin to make positive changes in the world as well as in their own country by shaping their attitudes to stand up and be globalized citizens. OXadventure anticipates a movement amongst the Kuwaiti youth after participating in OXadventure programs, coming out of it with a newfound respect towards humanity, nature and equality. By traveling abroad and by getting out of their comfort zones, the end result will be a team of potential future leaders for Kuwait. There is intent to have an international and a local program, with collaboration amongst universities, high schools, companies and the public.
Over the course of 100 days from April 6 to July 16 1994, an estimated 800,000 to 1 million Tutsis and some moderate Hutus were slaughtered in the Rwandan genocide. A recent report has estimated the number to be close to 2 million.
OXadventure team will guide 10 youth volunteers , in collaborating with SURF (Survival Funds of The Rwandan Genocide) and Dr. Nick Scull (AUK professor and psychologist from FSRI) to help the survivors of the genocide by restoring homes for the victims. This would include painting, cementing, and roofing, supplying furniture or repairing old ones, and generally creating a better quality of existing life in rural Rwanda just outside of Kigali. For half of the day, participants will be restoring and interacting with the locals. During this time they can get to learn the local women’s crafts and daily lives. In the evenings they will work closely with the Rwandan students to work on their CV’s and business proposals.
Amazing, right?
The Highlight of trip is that they will be working with academic media students in AUK to do a documentary for the trip as internship for the students. We will show the amazing effort of the Kuwaiti youth as they help those in need to live more comfortably. At least two professional Kuwaiti youth photographers are coming along on this trip to capture the experience in every step of the trip through photographs on high-resolution cameras.
Once the volunteering project, documentary and photographs are done in Rwanda successfully, OXadventure will organize a highly promoted event in which we will debut the documentary and showcase a photo gallery of the trip. Professional speakers and experts will attend the event and give a presentation, discussing the genocide and sustainable development, followed by speeches from the participants who will share their experience in Rwanda.
They’ve made efforts to reach out to fellow Arab countries, like Syria, in this dire time of need. Guys, what you’re doing is amazing, and I am so proud that local youth have accomplished so much on their own!
Anyone and everyone who has ever wanted to do good should sign up with OXadventure. It is 100% nonprofit organization.
For any further questions, or to ultimately sign up to go on this trip and help recreate someone’s life, you can e-mail them on [email protected] or visit for more information on the trip and what exactly this adventure will consist of!

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Sorry guys, this post is for the ladies!


Make up artist for stars like Nancy Ajram and Yara, is going to be in Kuwait on the 29th and 30th of this month for an exclusive training courses on makeup application for anyone who is interested.


One of my favorite people in the world, Tara Sillery- mastermind behind PR Passion, has once again managed to pull off an amazing opportunity for women in the Middle East!


Be sure to sign up as soon as you can for this once in a life time opportunity that I promise you, you won’t regret!


Event will be taking place in Jumeirah Beach Hotel over the course of 2 days where all attendees will gain amazing knowledge about the application of makeup and all the trade secrets from the king himself!


Bookings can be made through Rola’s Beauty Lounge’s brand ambassador, Ms. Tara Sillery on 6009 2720 through whatsapp, or through e-mail on [email protected]! Mention Bananaq8 or my name (Nada Sbeyti) when signing up for amazing offers :)

fadykataya_insta English


See you all there!

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I see that Loyac has started the registration for their summer program, I think their summer program is great for youths especially if they are not travelling or having an intense summer course, the program helps participants invest their long summer holiday and get practical experience in several activities, trust me this really helps with the future job.

Another great thing is that registration is open for all nationalities for youths aged 16-27.

To register click here

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I usually see girls with car punctures on Kuwait streets and are waiting for Men to help them fix it.

“We Can Handle It” is a workshop that provides women with some basic know-how on how to fix common car breakdown problems like flat tires, oil change, spark plugs..etc. I called the organizer and asked about the fees, she said 120 KD and that it will be two times a week (Monday & Wednesday).

When: March 19th to April 5th

Phone: 67039627

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Kuwait Flight Simulation Center now offers commercial pilot license in asociation with the Canadian Academy og Flight, meaning you can become a real pilot.

The course duration is 6 months, 2 months in Kuwait and 4 months in Canada. They will cover the living costs such as hotel costs, visa, tests costs until graduation. As for the total cost they said its 12,500 K.D.

Phone: 22 913 700

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We were invited to the “Courage in Action” seminar by Carol Talbot at Corniche Club. I admit I thought its going to be just another seminar, but it turned out to be quite interesting.

 Carol Talbot had really interesting/unusual ways to explain motivation and achieving goals, and the strangest was to break the wooden arrow with your neck dip. :)

We learned many great lessons and now I know I can achieve more. See the video its really fun:


Special thanks to Abdulwahab Al Sultan Trainings for the invitation.

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