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20130706_195432 (Medium)I think I’m going for a Rolex watch, I saw their second boutique opened at the Prestige at the Avenues. I checked their watches and there were several lines such as Submariner, GMT, Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Explorer, Yacht-Master among others.

It seems there’s a growing trend for Rolex thesedays especially the Daytona model. The good thing about Rolex is that they hold their value for a long time. Though downside here is obviously the very high price tag, but I overheard that Rolex in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain is considerably cheaper than Kuwait, also I heard there are shops selling used Rolex at Awqaf complex but the concern here is the genuinity.


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Nother's day packaging from On timeMother’s day is tomorrow and I must say I was  running slightly out of time to narrow down my gift list for mom, but I did see something really great at On Time, Avenues mall and I liked it. On Time has a Mother’s day Collection (a collection specifically for Mother’s day which is tomorrow) and it comes in the cutest package! I know any mother will be happy to have one.

So if you still haven’t got anything for mama, perhaps this is one of the ideas you should consider.


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20130110_190930 (Large)Even with all those luxury watches out there I still love to sport Casio G-Shock watches every now and then, I recall when they were first introduced in mid 80’s and used to be marketed as water-proof. Personally I find them great if I’m going say for a walk or sport events or do any harsh activity since they are known for their durability and resistance to shocks.

20130110_190427 (Large)I was at Al Babtain store today and saw they released a new G-Shock model GW-A1000-1ADR (Phew that was long) which had a nice manly design with reinforced structure for even higher durability. I read this model is even resistant to vibration and centrifugal force (looks like we’re back to physics 101). Shock resistance is great but what I liked is that it uses solar power during daylight and battery in dark places and this helps prolong battery life, other great features include thermometer, 200m water resistance, beeper alarm, Day/Date display, countdown timer, world time, auto hand position correction among others. The feature that I liked most is that it’s Radio Controlled and its ability to display of coordinated Universal Time which I think means the watch adjusts the time according to the location.

20130110_190535 (Large)They say approximate batter life is 6 months on full charge without exposure to sun light, it was relatively heavier (85 grams) because it’s bigger. Though when I asked about price they said KD155 which is high for me, older models are priced KD40-60 on average but they said this one is brand new so I guess price will drop later.

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20130102_150433 (Medium)Several luxury watches brands are recently opening in Kuwait, latest is the luxury brand of Swiss watches, Breitling, that will open their first boutique at Al Hamra Tower. Breitling is best known for their for high-end chronographs, I really liked their Bentley GMT V8 timepiece which is available as limited series but I just hate how there are many Breitling replicas out there.

Other luxury watches brands opening in Kuwait include Hublot and Officine Panerai.


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It’s been almost a month now and I’m still undecided which luxury watch I should get but Hublot is surely on the top of my wish list. Good news is that they’re opening a big boutique at the Prestige district at the Avenues phase III, correct if I’m wrong but this the first Hublot specialized boutique in Kuwait? Is there another Hublot boutique in Kuwait?

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I’m still looking for a luxury watch and I was told about a new Baume and Mercier Capeland limited edition designed exclusively for Kuwait, where only 77 pieces were made to represent the number of floors in Al Hamra Tower.

I called Morad Behbehani boutique, they said it’s a chronograph and has a diameter of 44mm with sun satin-finished slate gray and has a black domed dial with a light brown alligator strap, the price is KD2,650 and they said it will arrive in about 10 days.

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I’m still on a mission to find an elegant luxury watch, what caught my attention so far is Panerai Officine, Omega, Cartier, and today I saw the first collection of Porsche Design watches was launched in Kuwait at Behbehani Luxury store in Avenues and Al Hamra mall. They didn’t put the collection on display yet, but I asked them to show me what they got, they currently have six models for Porsche Design watches with prices ranging between KD1,200 to KD3,000

I observed that some of their watches were heavy and big in size, while some others were very light (made of titanium), there were chronograph models with self-winding and automatic recharge. The salesman how Porsche Design watches have revolved in recent years, they are now fully manufactured by Porsche Design and are considered as luxurious and high-quality as say Hublot.

They also said that Porsche Design has made some very limited edition watches where no more than 900 pieces are sold worldwide, I asked about the discount and I was told that Porsche Design offer 15% off.

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If there’s something that I really like, then it’s watches; whether sport, luxury, casual, smart. I was at Hamra Luxury Center and saw that Officine Panerai has just opened, it’s a luxury brand from Italy founded in 1860. Though what I like about them is that they produce watches in limited run, so you when you buy a watch you don’t see others that sporting the same watch (I guess some people like this).

They had four lines of watches; Historic, Contemporary, Manifattura and Special Editions. I’m currently seeking to buy a luxury watch but I’m still undecided what brand should I go for, do you think their watches look cool?

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