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I received news that the Ministry of Commerce has banned the Service Charge at restaurants/Cafe’s and will apply a penalty if a service charge was added to the invoice. I read also that a penalty will apply on restaurants/Cafe’s setting a minimum charge for orders.

What a strange coincidence because I discussed this issue a few days ago in a separate post, and I’m so happy this action was finally taken.

Via [BluetifulHadeel] [KUNA]

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6 Responses to “Yipee ! No more “Service Charge” in Kuwait”

  1. RM & FJK says:


  2. AmalikRunner says:

    What? Did I just read something good happen? Ministry has done some useful work!? NO I am dreaming…

  3. Dude that rule was set several years ago & yet all fancy restaurants charged me for their below-average service!

  4. Summer says:

    Thats great news!! I hope they actually implement it in Kuwait!

  5. RM & FJK says:

    you’ll do realise that without the service charge that they are just going to jack up the price of EVERYTHING on the menu…?

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