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IMG_9232 (Medium)Kuwait is stuffed with expos that is for sure but Proud 2 Be Kuwait (AKA P2BK) is one of the few that brings interesting things and ideas and that’s why I make sure to attend the opening every year. I was lucky enough that I got a V.I.P invitation so I could visit P2BK and take many snapshots before the official opening tomorrow. This year it is more exciting than last year because they have built an old Kuwaiti styled village instead of using enclosed halls, so it was fun walking around in the open air.


 As I said they have built an Kuwaiti styled village with a modern touch, I was impressed with the fine details of each structure withing the village. I also liked the graffiti arts on the walls, they have done a good job intermixing old Kuwait with modern culture though I’m wondering whether they have used real mud or cement that looks like a mud but at all cases the end result was simply amazing.

IMG_9261 (Medium)In addition to the nice looking village there were many stunt shows, they also brought my favorite ever traditional Kuwaiti TV brand.  I took a tour around P2BK village and saw several ideas and projects plus there were talent and musical shows. There were many small, medium, and large sized businesses that participated in the expo, I tried to focus on the interesting ones.

IMG_9241 (Medium) The village was divided into sections like gift stores, food court, stage…etc. and the exits are marked too. The expo will continue for two weeks starting tomorrow 6th March till the 20th March. I noted that not all the boutiques were opened today plus some parts of the village were still not completely finished, so I guess the expo will be more exciting when all the businesses are opened and the village is fully opened.

So the businesses that I came across today were My Cycle (recycling waste), Abdal Movies Production (making short movies), Burger Movement (designing t-shirts with burger logos), Fried Junk (making sweets using fried chocolates), Eat Smart (healthy foods), ZY Jewellery (customized gold and diamonds jewelry by two Kuwaitis), Q8 CosPlayers (bunch of talented young guys), Sakba (Kuwaiti clothing brand) among many others.

IMG_9296 (Medium)

IMG_9281 (Medium)

IMG_9309 (Medium)

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19 Responses to “Proud 2 Be Kuwaiti 2013”

  1. MaskTales says:

    They’ve put so much effort this year like never before . Unfortunately I won’t be able to give them a visit just like every year ;p

  2. kathink says:

    where is this located??? Looks really intresting and is it open the whole day?

    • Tazmania says:

      Yes from today it’s open to public, that’s P2BK village and it’s located at Kuwait International Fair in Mishref which is opposite to ACK.

  3. j.z.j says:

    BIG LIKES go to the team of P2BK :D i’m so excited this year and inshallah am gonna visit them

    kel sena el za7ma t5aleni ma aroo7 w thej el mokan but this year mashalah 3alehom embad3en .. athker shkether kan el enteqad kber 3alehom bel bedaya w m3a el ayam yathbeton lel nas enhom gad-ha w 3ala 7ag

    wishing them the best of luck alah ywafeghom

  4. Ahmed says:

    متى بدا المعرض

  5. Mohammed Al-Hussaini says:

    ma3na yam bitna bs kil sina yi6ofni :(

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  9. brownsuger says:

    I like the guy at the burger movement they gave me a good vibe :)

  10. When I start your Feed it seems to be a ton of junk, is the problem on my part?

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