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20121217_172657 (Large)From the heart of New York City (AKA The Big Apple) to the heart of Kuwait City flew Magnolia Bakery to open at Al Hamra Tower. I was lucky enough to be the first who checks it out before they officially open to the public to taste their cupcakes that I kept hearing about from friends and relatives.

Now correct if I’m wrong, Magnolia Bakery was opened in 1996 in Manhattan and have gained a big popularity and was featured on several TV shows such as Lazy Sunday, Saturday Night Live,  was also featured on Sex and the City series and the movie The Devil Wears Prada. So it basically have a great history in relatively short time, but question here, does it worth the hype? Well this is what I was trying to answer, at least partially.

20121217_172720 (Large)I arrived at Magnolia Bakery and it was just opening, they were not yet ready for the public but I made some calls to get access, the workers were so busy preparing cupcakes and sweets for the soft-launching event. First thing that I observed is that workers were manually making the swirls for the cupcakes without using any equipment, they said the staff had intensive training to master this skill, nice.

20121217_173507 (Large)The bakery was simply and cozily designed, being there somehow made me feel like I’m at home. They had a variety of cupcakes and sweets of all shapes and tastes, actually I read that Magnolia Bakery serves over 120 of baked goods such as pies, cakes, cheesecakes, brownies, muffins, crumb cakes for various occasions. I tasted some of their cupcakes but I personally liked the red velvet and the banana pudding. I asked if they have low calorie sweets but they were honest enough to tell me “No” but they said they use high quality ingredients that are all brought from the U.S and no preservative and all sweets are baked and served fresh.

20121217_173655 (Large)My last question was about prices, they said the small cupcakes are around KD6 and for normal cupcakes KD12 for the dozen. They are officially opening on the 19th (Wednesday), so you can pass by and share your impression with us.

Address: Al Hamra Tower, Level 1.

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  1. Jeeman says:

    So is it tasty like sprinkles cupcakes?

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