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20130303_150646 (Medium)As I exited Champions gym I spotted Nino and Johnny Rockets opening nearby in the State of Jabriya, I’m calling it a state because I think all Jabriya needs is an army, airport and a flag to make an independent country. Jabriya is stuffed with restaurants so if you ever need anything you will find it in Jabriya. Anyhow I don’t mind more branches for Johnny Rockets since I’m still addicted to their premium Wagyu burger. 

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6 Responses to “Johnny Rockets & Nino in Jabriya”

  1. Almubarkia says:

    مادري ليش احس حاطين الاعلان مبجر لانه توهم حافرين
    لووول بعد المفروض يحطون لهم مطار بروحهم عشان الجايرية تصير نفس الفاتيكان

  2. Nina says:

    haha exactly how I feel about Jabriya!!
    and that is why I love living there….

  3. test says:

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