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We have McDonald’s, KFC, Hardee’s, BK, Naif, but how about a different thing? I passed nearby Salhiya and saw that famous Philippines fastfood restaurant, Jollibee, has just opened. I wanted to try the food but it was so crowded.

I asked the owner if their food is Hallal, he said their meat is from Khazan and chicken from United Poultry, I’ll try it out sometime, as for the name it means “Happy bee”.

Address: Kuwait City, Qubla, Abubaker street, Building# 1-A.

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15 Responses to “Jollibee: Philippines fastfood restaurant opens in Kuwait”

  1. samoul says:

    Everyday there is a new resturant opened in Kuwait. I guess the owners know how much people love food in Kuwait!!

  2. S22 says:

    is it halal?

  3. dotsNpink says:

    Have u tried it? How was it?

  4. Nev says:

    Thats a good crowd turnout!!

  5. Jashn says:

    Jollibee, as I know it, has got a chequered past opening in Kuwait. Better luck this time round.If Jollibee is here can both Nirula’s and PNB (Punjabi by Nature) be far behind?

  6. retech son says:

    Still crowded on its second day.

  7. يبيله روحه
    باخذ وياي فلبينيه اختي ;p

  8. Been there last week and tried their Chicken Joy, Spaghetti and Halo-Halo.. their food really taste good! =) Still, don’t go their on Fridays!

    Also a guy from the counter told me that they accept home delivery, but so far only in downtown area.

    Moreover according to their banner outside, 2 Jollibee branches will soon to open in Fahaheel and Farwaniya area. :P

  9. Regz says:

    I glad that thiers have jolibee thier in kuwait,hope someday i thier will be chowking and bario fiesta so much delecious

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