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Do you think we have enough Japanese restaurants in Kuwait so far? Well a new Kuwaiti-based Japanese cuisine, Jusho, has just joined the list.

Jusho was opened at 53 Degrees replacing Baked restaurant that was closed, I chit chatted with the owners who explained that Japanese term “Jusho” translates as”The Address”.

Design-wise; it was simple and reflects Japanese culture, menu was kinda brief but they said that it will be expanded later.

My order was: One tempura salad (tasty but I’d like more tempura), Jusho Maki (crabstick, tempura with avocado, liked it), Sozo Ryoko Maki (spicy), Burger Maki (egg plant and beef, average taste but I’m not into egg plant), and finally Chicken Fried Rice (its spicy, taste was great).

As for sweet, I tried their Cheesecake tempura, I liked the sauce and the crispy crust.

According to the owner their sauces are home-made which is good. My check was 25.1 KD, I wish to see lower prices for Japanese food in Kuwait.

Address: 52 Degrees – Tilal complex, Shuweikh

Phone: 99958746





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7 Responses to “Jusho: New Japanese restaurant in town”

  1. nabil says:

    so was it tasty ? i actually prefer sakura cuz i have the platinum discount card so the prices are good , little extra than other cuisines

  2. S22 says:

    food looks delicious but i totally agree Japanese restaurants are over priced in Kuwait

  3. Bu Jwais says:

    Why do I have a feeling that it will join Baked :p

  4. Dalia says:

    maybe will try it on weekend, bel 3afya ::)

  5. previous job,

    zenaida bldg,
    okazaki shi
    nagoya japan


    nipongo shaberenasai…
    urushiku onegaishimasu,

  6. so so so tasty try the steak WOW its a MUST i get take away!!

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