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20130307_011735 (Large)I noted that McDonald’s started printing the nutritional values for each of their sandwiches and burgers on their new boxes, the nutritional values include the calories, proteins, total fat, carbs, sodium…etc. in an attempt to help consumers choose the right meal that fits their diet. I liked the idea but I got surprised when I saw that the big french fries has over 808 calories, that’s high. The Big Tasty sandwich had the highest amount of calories 896 while Fillet-O-Fish had the lowest calories 360. The McChicken has 530 calories and McRoyale 659 calories.

This is indeed a good step but personally I stopped eating fast meals for a few months now.

20130307_011601 (Large)

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2 Responses to “McDonald’s Nutritional Values”

  1. Nixon says:

    yeah i saw it on my fries too, the only stat that shocked me was the sodium.

  2. darkwolf80s says:

    Before: “Oh come on now, it’s only a small french fries. I can easily burn it off later” *MUNCH* *MUNCH**MUNCH*


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