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We were invited by Abdel Wahab Lebaneses restaurant to try their set-menu for the Ramadan iftar (Futor). This is my first time to try Abdel Wahab, and I liked their interior decorations.

I saw that they offer Iftar for 8.5 K.D and Suhoor for 5 K.D which is reasonable, there were many tasty dishes to choose from.

The starters include salads such as fattoush, tabbouleh and cheese salad. There were also Kubba, Sambusa, corn, Hummus, stuffed grape leaves, soups among many other dishes.

 As for the main course there were a nice variety to choose from such as rice, kebab, arayes chicken tikka, cheese baked pasta among many other dishes.

Drinks included sodas, vimto, juices (powder). There were also many delicious sweets to select from though I’m conservative with sweets in Ramadan.

They said they will switch certain dishes everyday. The food tasted great, plus the raw meat and chicken are brought from local sources.

I also liked that they have bigger sitting area for non-smokers. Generally, I find Abdel Wahab a fine choice for a nice Iftar experience for a reasonable price. I tried to take as many shots as I can so you can have an idea about the food and the place.

Tel: 1821000

We would like to thank Abdel Wahab Restaurant for this invitation, and it was great to meet with Danderma, Abo Flan, and Q8 Ping.

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9 Responses to “Review: Abdel Wahab restaurant Ramadan’s Iftar”

  1. D says:

    ماشاءالله الصور حلوه حسيت اني يوعانه :)

  2. Q8Kitty says:

    Do the sweets include Om Ali ? :)))
    It’s my favourite Arabic dessert :))

  3. عوافي ياعبدالله وتشرفنا بمقابلتك والشباب

    جهود مميزه الله يعطيك العافيه وجميع من يشاركك هذه المساحه

    • Tazmania says:

      لنا الشرف الاكبر بالتعرف عليك وفعلا الطيب عند ذكره من قليل كنا نذكرك بالخير :) واان شاءالله لنا لقاء ثاني يوم الخميس الجاي باذن الله.

      ومشكور اخوي ابو فلان على رأيك,,

  4. Q8rogue says:

    Its located opposite to safir right?

  5. Shahou88 says:

    =D bl 3afyaaa ^_^ lovely pictures mashalaaah

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