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chucky4Remember the horrifying possessed serial killer Chucky from Child’s Play; the 1988 horror movie series that made many of us hide under our beds back then. I remember I saw at least 4 or five parts of that movie and that toy is indeed scary as hell, and if you thought that it’s gone after all those years, think twice and thrice because Chucky’s back and this time in Kuwait, it’s wandering among us in places you wouldn’t even expect. So if you thought that going to The Prestige District of the Avenues or camping in Kuwait desert or even getting yourself a fast meal from McDonald’s in safe, think again.

An old fellow of mine was trying to bring Chucky back, seemingly doing resurrection, he basically took Chucky almost everywhere around Kuwait and took shots. The funny part was the kinda “scared look” people get when ever he shows off Chucky. I suppose the hunt from the childhood is still there for many people, including me sometimes. Can you imagine that my friend has a room in his house full of characters from movies (see video above). 

Follow him on his instagram (@Chucky_1977) and see many great shots for Chucky in Kuwait. Now let’s see where did Chucky go in Kuwait, so beware next time you are out because Chucky might get you anywhere;

Thanks [Nawaf]



chucky3[nggallery id=27]

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11 Responses to “Chucky lives in Kuwait”

  1. Dude28 says:

    Lol love it :)

  2. John George says:

    Where did he get all those dolls from?

  3. ahmed says:

    reminds me of mr sicksick

  4. 6ariq says:

    I saw Chucky when I was going back from my grandmother’s beach house on Tuesday. I was just bored looking out the window of the car and I saw someone holding Chucky in the driver’s seat and I was like “WTF?!” And I woke my brothers up and said, “GUYS! CHUCKY!!” And they woke up and were flabbergasted.

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  9. wella marie says:

    Hi gud pm.. im wella I have one staff lifesize chucky ddoll(75)cm,i bought this on website and it cost 4,50 (kwd) non box,I will sale for cost 2,30(kwd)dinnar im now in salmiya quatar st. If u would love to buy it just pm me..55756053 thanx… ill give u the picture of my staff there

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