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A friend of mine gave me a brief idea about the upcoming touristic project at Al Bida’a so called “Arabella“. The project takes the style of a European architecure with many restaurants, cafe’s, Spa & Beauty, and Sports bar.

Some of the restaurants that have reserved locations at Arabella project include Altissimo, Long Horn Steak House, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Pizzeria Margherita, MBCO, Semsom, Deer&Dear restaurant among others.

Arabella will open later this year according to their plan. Finally a fancy place for adults in Kuwait to enjoy away from the hectic malls and city noise.


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5 Responses to “Arabella: A new European-styled touristic spot at Al Bida’a”

  1. 360Dewan says:

    eshda3waaa “touristic spot” it’s Fat Spot

  2. nice … the best parts : no traffic allowed with in the project,parking lots in the basement and Olive Garden/Red Lobster to open there ..
    the worst part : it is not covered !

  3. Bu Jwais says:

    Cool project! Hope the Arabic restaurants are placed in an Arabic-themed building for the sake of an international architecture.

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