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Today I had a chance to check on the newly opened P.F. Chang’s restaurant at Al Corniche Club on Gulf Street.

Little about P.F. Chang’s, Its America’s No.1 China bistro, the name comes from two food enthusiasts: Paul Fleming & Chef Philip Chiange :)

I’m pretty sure many of you have been to P.F. Chang’s branch at the Avenues Mall & love their tasty food, but their Corniche branch is what I can call masterpiece.

The restaurant has really attractive exterior & interior with beautiful colors, designs & decorations. Outside it has an exquisite outdoor sitting perfect for romantic open air lunch or dinner, while on the inside is spacious & with such unique decorations & lighting :)

The restaurant has 2 levels with elegant tables (both big & small) & comfortable seats, there’s also a nice bar, so the customer has many options :)

The restaurant offers customers wide range of tasty foods such as meats, steaks, seafood, noodles, rice, grains, dumplings, salads, soups & many other things.

As for the drinks there is a nice variety to choose from, sodas, teas, coffee, cocktails, juices among others.

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There are also nice window tables on the first floor with sea view & beautiful Kuwait’s city skyline :)

I also loved the “arts” on the wall that has a story to tell :) The restaurant was opened on the 2th of February.

Verdict: P.F. Chang’s Corniche has one of the best interiors & ambients that I have seen in Kuwait, coupled with friendly staff & unique ambients makes it one of the must-visit places in Kuwait.


Tel: 25625051

Address: Al Corniche club, Arabian Gulf street.

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6 Responses to “P.F. CHANG’S opened @ Al Corniche Club”

  1. doda says:

    coool when was it opened coz everythime I passed by it was under construction

  2. Q8rogue says:

    nice place to go & have dinner thanks will check it out this week end :S

  3. Kuwaitiful says:

    Nice, looks worth passing by.

  4. Sara says:

    Looks seriously wow

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