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I took a stroll in the afternoon at the awaited Grand Avenue District in Avenues Phase III, it was interesting seeing all those new shops, stores, restaurants and cafe’s open all at once. Many of my friends thought this is Avenues Phase III, but actually there are 4 other districts coming up (Prestige, The Souk, Soku, and The Mall).


I observed that Phase III is quiet different with regards to architectural design (contractor Mabanee did a pretty good job) where the 5 districts are interconnected through the Grand Avenue District (see figure below).

The Grand Avenue looked like a tree-lined boulevard similar to Shanzelize in Paris, the architecture was a mix of three styles; European, Regional, and Contemporary under a curved roof, nice. I also liked how the A/C was totally hidden and how the roof was transparent allowing sun light to penetrate. My concern is that the new parking lot is not yet completed, so finding a parking space can be a major headache during peak hours, also I wish if there are more entrances to The Avenues since the entrance by the 5th Ring Road and the backside entrances from the two-lanes road are congested all the time.

So now I’ll focus on the part you are all waiting for, the shopping experience isn’t it? Well these are the first-time stores in Kuwait that were opened so far;

The Cheesecak Factory

Texas Roadhouse

Garrett Popcorn


Harvey Nichols

Jack Wills

West Elm





Jo Malone London

New branches for existing stores; H&MShake Shack, Starbucks, MAC, Juicy Couture, pinkberry, Bath & Body WorksPotbellyPizza Express, Vilebrequin.

As for the opening soon stores and restaurants, these are the ones that I saw;

Millions of Milkshakes

Red Lobster

Olive garden

Ben’s Cookies


vision express



Tory Burch




Uno Chicago Grill

Cafe Blanc



Life With Cacao

[nggallery id=346]

الافينيوز المرحلة الجديدة

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48 Responses to “Avenues Phase III – Grand Avenue District”

  1. salieri says:

    thank you banana for another great report. I can’t wait to see it fully opened in few months!


  2. Dalia says:

    Guys you always have the best coverage keep it up! Two thumbs up (y)(y)

  3. salem says:

    hello there,

    I am currently not living in Kuwait because im pursuing my studies abroad. Was just wondering do you happen to know if williams sonoma in Kuwait carries kitchenware like knives, pots, baking essentials or just home furniture? please let us know. thank you

  4. Ahmed says:

    Today, I noticed that Red Lobster was opening there and I thought Grand Avenue was amazing and a 100x better than Avenues Phases 1&2

  5. Millions of Handshakes says:

    Did you inquire about their rent-a-Segway scheme? Apparently, they will allow shoppers to rent Segways on the hour to ferry them from one end of the Avenues to the other, weekdays and off peak hours on public holidays and weekends and save people from having to visit their chiropractors and orthopods after every visit to the Avenues.

  6. Q8Rogue says:

    Simply awesome

  7. Ahmed says:

    Today even I was present there , and witnessed the openings of a resturant. I just loved the place and the desigining of the Mall, real hats off to the people who have tried to get the chilling London streets in our Kuwait and chilled us too.

  8. Rehab says:

    I really like the look which they have given. A traditional mall with good architecture. Does not feel like walking under one roof with so many retails stores.

    What is there in the Prestige area ?

    • Tazmania says:

      The Prestige will be Salhiya-like district for those who seek luxury (Kash5a in Kuwaiti), its built on two-levels with high-end brand stores and boutiques, there will be valet parking and hands-free shopping services.

  9. Kitvanderwoodsen says:

    Thanks for sharing… finally I found a better blogger than 2:48 am….. nice pictures. ..

  10. Hello says:

    I wonder how the big trees that are shown in the picture inside the mall are groung without roots, I noticed that they arrive with a label on them. Any body knows how the trees remain green and in good shape.

  11. Hello says:

    Thanks alot.

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  13. Hello says:

    How come they look like real. I believe you and thank you for your effort but I will search the internet and update you if there is anything different. Have a good night.

  14. Hello says:

    Tazmania you are absolutely correct they are not real. They fooled me. I thought they are real. Thanks again. I had this question in mind long time ago and you gave me the opportunity to ask.

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  16. Hello says:

    I saw the vedio of the mall it looks unique and more than beautiful. I think illumination is important the mall could increase its beauty by illumination. Try using technology e.g. Using solar cells or green energy. Maybe it requires backup power supply. Provide teller machines. Provide services for old people and the handicapped and children. Well done Kuwait and wish you progress.

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  18. Great coverage guys! Whose voice on the video? Love it and very cute accent but with good English. :)

  19. Hello says:

    I just recognize that this location is an avenue not a mall. And there are phases for the project. And what makes it different is that it is covered and has other features. Am I correct?

  20. Hello says:

    Taz, just to share this info with everyone the meaning of Avenue is road or street and the word Avenues maybe it means more than on road or street. By looking at the photo of this beautiful facility it seems that there are more than an avenue that meet in a point. I know the word district means an area and we use it to describe any public area but I don’t know what it means in a shopping area.

  21. Hello says:

    Tazmania, my I pad is giving me hard time, whenever I write I found mistakes which emparace me. But you know what my supervisor at work will say when I tell him this. You put garbage, you get garbage. I know this is irrelevant to the subject but since I made mistakes in the previous replys I wanted to bring this issue. By the way I wrote Taz. The computer insist to change to full name untill I put full stop.

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  23. sarah says:

    hi! do they have hollister,aeropostale and abercrombie at the grand avenues?

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  25. mustafa says:

    anyone can help me i want to apply job there …………. wats the way

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