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A friend sent me this video for Al Rai Kuwaiti TV presenter, Samera Abdullah, fluently speaking Japanese, I always wanted to learn some Japanese. Apparently, she was expressing her personal opinion about the new media law in Kuwait which was described by many as being very restraining and constraining with regards to freedom of speech;  including us bloggers, Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

Did I mention that the new media law proposes fines of up to $1 million (KD283,000) and up to 10 years prison for some violations?

Anyhow, can someone translate what she said please? I’m curious because she looked extremely disappointed. Read more about Kuwait new media law [link]

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8 Responses to “Kuwait New Media Law in Japanese”

  1. DeveloperMiscQ8 says:

    Someone should songify this !! :D

  2. Rehab says:

    She is saying ” I am sure my fans will watch the entire video without understanding what I am speaking since Gangam style has become famous”

  3. Mohammed says:

    They’re watching you.

  4. Yeah no one speaks Japaneses but you ハハハ :)

  5. ahmed says:

    Really funny she speaks Japanese in a Kuwaiti accents

  6. Bader says:

    Seriously? -_-

  7. Shosho says:

    Meh speaking too slowly= losing credibility for me

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