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20121105_130354-largeI received an email from AlShaya informing me that Japanese store, Muji, which sells a wide variety of household and consumer goods such as clothes, home furnishings, cosmetics, travel accessories, stationery and gift items is officially opening next Saturday, that’s January 19th, at the Grand Avenue. I’m invited for an exclusive sneak peek visit this Wednesday, do you guys wish us to post about the sneak peek?

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6 Responses to “MUJI opening this Saturday”

  1. Faris Al-Amer says:

    I can’t wait! And yes, please take plenty of pictures.

  2. abx7xy says:

    Can I come with you ?

    Love this store !


  3. fuji in muji says:

    Muji is such a breath of fresh air. Wish Uni Qlo has a presence here soon.

  4. JB says:

    There are some Muji stores in my country(Korea).
    Muji sells house stuffs and some clothes which are very simple design.
    I’ll also go there(The Avenue Mall) and check the price whether it is cheaper than my country.
    As far as I’m concerned The Muji is not that charming(just my opinion).

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