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Now take this with a large grain of salt but I heard some leaked rumors about Roberto Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge opening in Kuwait, more specifically at The Avenues Phase III, the rumors also said that a representative from Roberto Cavalli came to sign a franchise contract. The restaurant & lounge will have a design that is similar to a club with DJ music, again I’m clueless whether these rumors are in fact true or false, but can anyone confirm that?

For those who doesn’t know Roberto Cavalli, he’s Italian fashion designer from Florence and he opened the Cavalli Club, Restaurant and Lounge in Dubai.

Update: Our friend Eng. Falkawi has sent us a photo for Roberto Cavalli Restaurant location at the Grand Avenue and it’s expected to open early February 2013.

Roberto Cavalli's Cafe - The Avenues Phase 3

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12 Responses to “Roberto Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge opening in Kuwait”

  1. DJ says:

    Yup… It is opening early next year… Not sure of the design concept though but can confirm it soon enough… But the rumors are true… Roberto Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge is opening out here at the Avenues.

  2. Rehab says:

    Dubai: Shoppers Paradise
    Kuwait: Diners Paradise !

    Why cant we have a theme parks, we need recreational spots…

  3. AAM says:

    Hey, yes it will open at Grand Avenues infront of Prestige entrance it’s a weird looking building with a lot of steal at it exterior !

    If you go and try to peek at it you will see the floor with the Cavalli logo !

  4. Khaled says:

    CoooooL ,,, cant wait ;P

  5. j.z.j says:

    i didnt go there before (the one in Dubai) bs wayd sema3t ena it’s OVER over priced
    small portions of food and not a great taste (it always tastes OK), So i doubt yenja7 in Kuwait ela awal el ayam as a habba :P

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