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Samsung-galaxy-S44Have you guys seen the Samsung Galaxy S4 launching event last night? Sadly I missed it but from what I heard it was in New York and was amazing. As I awoke in the morning I was so eager to know what are the new specs since it’s one of the most anticipated smartphones on the market today. In Kuwait many of my acquaintances have switched from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy explaining that it offers more minus the restrictions seen in iPhone for far lower price, I still see iPhone as one of the most reliable and smooth-performing smartphones on the market but I was let-down with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

Size & Weight: Samsung Galaxy S4 has slightly smaller size than the older Samsung Galaxy S3 measuring 136.1 x 69.8mm and 7.9mm thick (that’s so slim, S3 was 8.6mm thick) and weighs 139 grams (slightly lighter than S3).

Price & Release Date: According to Samsung the release date is April 26 and price will be around $725 (KD250 roughly) which is higher than iPhone 5 price when it was released (I’m talking U.S. price), so expect the price to be higher in Kuwait.

Specs: In my humble opinion the specs is where Samsung Galaxy S4 really shines, we are talking 2GB memory (iPhone 5 has 1 GB) coupled with not only Quad Core processor but 1.6 GHz powerful 8-Cores processor (that’s fast). Storage-wise, it comes in three versions; 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, they have also enhanced the battery (2,600MAH) compared to 2,100MAH in S3, and this makes sense since they are using potent processor.

Samsung_Galaxy_S4_Display & Camera: I guess most consumers are tempted by display when deciding on smartphones, the S4 has a big 5″ Super OLED screen with Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 resolution and high 441 ppi (pixels per inch), that’s even higher than BlackBerry 10Z. Personally I’m in love with S4 camera already, we are talking 13 Mega pixels main camera with Auto Focus, Flash and Zero Shutter Lag (according to Samsung), and 2 Mega pixel front camera and Full HD 1080P recording at 30fps (frames per second). Though I’d love to see the quality of the snapshots in low light conditions.

Other Features: Did I say S4 fully support 4G LTE with all frequencies? Hopefully this will resolve the iPhone 5 4G LTE issue because only certain models supported 4G LTE frequency in Kuwait. Samsung said it will initially be available in two colors (White Frost and Black Mist), firmware-wise it will use Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 which hopefully will be more stable and reliable. The S4 will be using micro sim card.

Shortcomings: I loved every new feature in the S4, but in my opinion the let-down is that Samsung used plastic as the main material for the phone, instead I wish if they used Aluminum-brush to give it a more aesthetic-looking finish but I guess they sought cost-saving and to reduce the weight and increase crush resistance. Also design-wise, it looks virtually similar to the older S3 but generally looks fine. Another downside is the relatively high price tag ($725) which will undoubtedly be higher when it arrives to Kuwait.

Now frankly speaking, would you guys go for this one or HTC One?

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29 Responses to “Is Samsung Galaxy S4 good enough?”

  1. racer says:

    Sammy all the way!!!!! :D

  2. Abu Rayyan says:

    Great review i stayed up last night it was amazing they have built a whole stage the commentary was so nice they had some scenes about it’s features…

    You may click here abd read what i loved about the software features:

    As for tye price…it’s very high… :(

  3. Barhoom Ali says:

    It seems to be a great smartphone overall, but the price is relatively high !

  4. Rehab says:

    Apple device memory management is far better than Samsung’s, so 1Gb ram does not have any cons.

    S4 is great in terms of hardware and design. But I do not understand why Samsung’s keynote does not emphasize on the mobile rather than some fancy Broadway style theater !

    I have so many features on my S3 which frankly I did not use frequently !

    I would opt HTC One, but camera is mediocre.

    S4, designed for humans with unusual palm to hold 5″ screen

    • Abu Rayyan says:

      S4 slogan is NOTdesigned for humans, it’s your companion;)

      Also the ram is important for gaming a well as the OS that’s why BIG games run smoother with bigger ram..

      • Rehab says:

        There isn’t any game which uses more than 512 RAM, may it be real racing… Its like monster hardware but apps are really not utilizing it !

  5. Mohd says:

    id rather wait for the new nexus

  6. berserkkw says:

    I just read at gsmarena that the price of the S4 will be US$579 in America..

  7. deepak says:

    even I read that it will be 579 dollars in the us. that mean it will be only kd161.

    • Tazmania says:

      That means it’s going to be even cheaper than Samsung Galaxy Note II & the previous Samsung Galaxy S3 when it released, I’m not sure but even if the price is actually KD161 I think it will not be less than KD200 in Kuwait. Let’s wait and see hopefully this time the shops won’t be greedy!

  8. Gurshaan says:

    MY new website
    s4 vs htc one !!

  9. ksalue says:

    Not much improvement all this power and speed is not really needed for the casual user, a simple old dual core cpu is more than enough ? I am currently using my S3 I see no difference in using like my old xperia mini pro at all sure its faster between switching apps but again to much power for any ” Normal ” user to utilize..

    • Tazmania says:

      I agree the extra power may not be an important for apps on the market today neither the normal use but I suppose having more power has a marketing benefit for the new S4, also newer apps especially games will be more performance demanding.

  10. GEORGE says:

    good information i want to know when i can buy the phone plz help me i am living in kuwait

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  14. essa alessa says:

    would love to go for HTC one But the Rear Cam is 4MP compared to Samsung 13MP.
    o loved the idea of built in barometer, thermometer, hygroscope in samsung

  15. essa alessa says:

    Samsung Galaxy S4 over HTC One

    Bigger screen; works with gloves and air gestures
    Higher resolution camera – 13MP vs. 4MP
    Newer Android version – 4.2.2 vs. 4.1.2
    Multi-window multitasking
    Higher clock speed chipset
    Expandable storage
    User-replaceable battery of higher capacity
    Additional sensors (barometer, thermometer, hygroscope)
    Exclusive software features
    Smaller, thinner, lighter

    • Mohammed says:

      1. you won’t use those features and gestures 99% of the times.

      2. htc one’s 4mp camera does better video/audio recording and also 10 times better in lowlight

      3. you wouldn’t notice the difference since they are both heavily skinned/themes.

      4. i guess you’re right about multitasking

      5. Galaxy S4 and htc one chipset are about very similar, you can also overclock the htc one if you root it. the s4 still has some lag and hiccup issues. HTC one = faster and smoother

      6. you wont need expandable storage on a 32 gb device

      7. the s4 may have a replaceable battery, but the build quality is plastic and it sucks

      8. the htc one has all these sensors

      9. why didn’t you mention the new features on the htc one, like zoey and blinkfeed?

      10. htc one is better looking, better in the hand, feels sturdy.

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  17. Scott Zemon says:

    The HTC One is an Android smartphone manufactured by Taiwanese manufacturer HTC. Serving as a successor to the HTC’s 2012 flagship phone, the One X (a device that was critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful due in part to poor marketing efforts), the One places emphasis on unique hardware and software features, such as an aluminum casing, front-facing stereo speakers, a revised version of HTC’s Sense user experience, a new camera implementation with an image sensor designed to perform better in low-light environments, and other unique software functionality such as the scrolling “BlinkFeed” content feed and Zoe camera feature.^;*`

    See you real soon

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  19. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is
    added I get four e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people
    from that service? Cheers!

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