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moviesrating11Remember my post regarding the enforcement of Movies Rating System in Kuwait cinemas back in September 2011, I just saw an announcement from Cinescape stating that from now on all movies marked 16+ will only be allowed for individuals aged 16 years and older and those who are younger won’t be allowed to enter the theater and in case they were found inside the theater they will be asked to leave and will not be compensated, and this is in compliance with Ministry of Information law. It’s about time to see Movies Rating enforced! I was hoping that they apply the complete movie ratings but that’s good for a start, what do you think?

My argument was that little kids shouldn’t see extreme violence in some movies which can really have bad effects on their mental health and behavior. Cinecape used to include movie ratings on their website but there was no enforcement. I’m now wondering if movies censorship will be less strict since this law was applied.

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21 Responses to “Movies Rating System enforced in Kuwait”

  1. vieColor says:

    I think its the best choice they made so far!!

  2. darkwolf80s says:

    Best freaking move EVER!!! FINALLY!! And yes! I do hope that the feature censorship will be a little less. If its Dubai censorship that is fine by me and they can take my money!!

    • S says:

      I remember in Dubai they didn’t cut any scenes for several movies I watched.

      • darkwolf80s says:

        Actually, it depends. They’re cutting is lenient and not extreme. Like if it was a kiss or a random cleavage shot ex. (the new Spiderman movie, 1st random fight in the Subway train) they would allow that. But here, that would be cut off. Hopefully, the new rules will set some standards.

        Btw, the new Die Hard movie sucks monkey balls.

  3. Willy says:

    I see it a good decision to finally enforce the rating system, for the censorship part, I highly doubt it’ll be changed anytime soon if not for worse than it is right now, well that’s just me.

    • Tazmania says:

      I have a feeling that you are right. I recall when I watched the latest James Bond movie at Grand Cinemas they didn’t cut anything but soon after that the cutting started.

  4. NQ says:

    I agree they should enforce the law. They should continue movie censorship too.

    For some movies that have been rated 16+ are somewhat very strictly rated. E.g. There was an Indian movie rated at 16+ which did not require that.

    If an underage wants to watch a movie with a guardian they should be allowed under the responsibility of the guardian.

  5. Nixon says:

    Great news!!

  6. bibi says:

    My first movie going experience in kuwait was a horror movie , I sat infront of 3 idiotic young women who had brought what looked like only a 6 your old kid with them, they laughed as this kid screamed and cried in terror, I had to close my eyes at somes parts! So i cant even begin to imagin what trauma that kid suffured. I know back home if cinemas are caught with an underage person in their rooms they face fines of tens of thousends of euros and risk being shut down.

  7. narlingz says:

    in that case they must show the “kiss scene” or something like that in any movie that is 16+ , right ? otherwise this move will be for nothing.

  8. Abdullah says:

    funny, they are trying to age-strict movies while video games are out there? the kids play “call of duty”, you don’t know the effect of this game on the mind, it’s horrible and don’t mention the weight problems.
    the point is, this Ministry is retarded!

  9. Rehab says:

    The nice thing I see about this rating system is that, it will avoid parents to bring their kids in Cinema for free and occpuy my seats !
    Just imagine you watching fantastic action movie and kid next to you throws nachos and pepsi on you due to excitement…

  10. Nick says:

    the rating system def good news. but the real question is how widely is it goin to be implemented or enforced, as in for ex. if a youth under 16 is found watchin a movie, is he goin to be asked to leave? what if he refuses to do so?

    but yes i still think the rating system is a good thing when necessary, this is w r t what “NQ” pointed out above about the indian movie.

    but i guess its a start

  11. sasa says:

    To be honest, the move is welcomed but at the same time there should be no censors in that matter. if it is rated 16+ whats the point in censoring it again.

    And precisely its a a bad move for the families especially Expats to go for a good Hindi movie along with their kids. the logic is they censored the scenes and still they didnt allow the kids..this is forcing to encourage, watch the pirated CD’s

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