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20130117_230344 (Large)According to our blog reader Sara, KDD products are back to all CO-operative Societies after weeks of boycott. Seemingly the Co-op union has formed a committee to negotiate with Kuwait Danish Diary Co. regarding their recent price increase and both parties were able to reach a mutual agreement. I can see from photos that KDD is marketing their products with “Prices are stable since 2008″ slogan. I’ve got to be honest with you, I’m a fan of KDD chocolate milk big time.

Thanks [Sara]20130117_230405 (Large)

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10 Responses to “KDD is Back”

  1. nabil says:

    who wanted to increase prices and who refused ?

  2. vieColor says:

    Why would they remove them in the first place?? :p

  3. Abdel Aziz says:

    I know through a good source that KDD didn’t ask the coops or the supermarkets or anyone for a price increase and that their prices haven’t been increased since Jan 1, 2008. They’re back in many but not all coops yet. The coops have a lot to explain–the new coop chairman seems to have a chip on his shoulder about KDD and is the one who started all this boycott business for no apparent reason except maybe to look macho. It sems he is being sued big time by KDD–in civil and criminal courts, we’re talking big bucks and a possible jail sentence if convicted…. I wonder if they serve KDD chocolate milk in jail :)))

  4. Fahad says:

    القصة وما فيها إن كي دي دي تبيع منتجاتها في دول الخليج بسعر أقل من الكويت على الرغم من وجود تكاليف زائدة كالشخن والتوزيع، لكن شكلها كي دي دي غلبت إتحاد الجمعيات ومانزلت أسعارها

  5. darkwolf80s says:

    I love KDD chocolate milk but I also love KDCOW chocolate milk too. As crazy as it sounds the taste is not bad at all.

  6. smart0y says:

    i don’t get people who still consume KDD products, they’re all processed & not fresh. I switched to Alban Dairy long time ago.

  7. Caesar says:

    My childhood favourite! love them!

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