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I saw announcement on Wataniya Airways website stating that they started ticket refunds after one year and a half since they halted their flights all of a sudden, many customers sent me messages and emails complaining that they did not get a refund for their booked tickets, some even filed lawsuits. The company is now apologizing to their customers and are asking them to contact them on their email “[email protected]” so they can do the necessary.

I was suspecting that Wataniya Airways may actually come back [link] and I think they are now trying to regain people trust.

Update: I received news that customers can now refund their money by visiting the travel agencies they used to book the tickets, or visit the company head office if they used Wataniya website for booking. 29 January 2013

Via [link] [965malls]

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5 Responses to “Wataniya Airways Ticket Refunds”

  1. D28 says:

    zaan b3d beredon flosna

  2. Q8Rogue says:

    I sure hope they come back, they were a fine airlines but i still have my doubts that they can make it back coz their financial statuts is still terrible

  3. alaa hola says:

    I have 7 tickets for me and my family

  4. Mireya Westveer says:

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  5. Lucky Soni says:

    Seems like Wataniya Airways is on track now, this was so mean of them not to refund booked airline tickets. I hope they will make a comeback but on the other hand this seems impossible because of their financial status.

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