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Finally I visited Qout market for the first time on last Saturday. At the first sight the place looked very spacious and very organized.

For those who doesn’t know what is it exactly, it’s an exhibition for small businesses-most of them are food business- established on the first Saturday of each month.

Compared to other exhibitions I’ve visited before, Qout had different, new and unique ideas in food, fashion, home accessories, food supplements and kids’ toys.
I tried there some Afghan pickles which was very tasty, watermelon juice -was very refreshing in the hot weather-, some biscuits and ice-cream.
The good thing about it that it had categorized booths, all booths under same category in one place. Some booths also had playing area for kids and activities like painting and puzzles so your kids can enjoy their time while you are shopping.
I posted below some of booths pictures which caught my eye yesterday.

I liked the idea that loyac were selling a re-cycling bags  for people to use while shopping.

looking forward to the next one!



















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B0iRm3dIcAAxSEo.jpg large

Last Wednesday I was invited to live station grilling night in Jumeirah Messilah beach hotel under name Chill & Grill night. Weather was amazing although it was little bit hummed but because it by the  sea and pool side there was a cool, amazing, refreshing breeze. The setup included live band playing  oriented music all the time, food, shisha and drinks. The first setup with the band was including the food  and by pool side. Food available was appetizers (taboulah, fatoush, hommos, mtabbal, baba ghanouj,  potato salad …), main dishes were different barbeque flavors (shrimp, lobster, sheshtawoq, steak, lamp,  fish, Hamour…) except beriany and packed potato. For me the best was the shrimp, lobster and steak. If  I will evaluate the food I would rate it to get 8/10.







The second setup was by sea side including only shisha and hot drinks. It has two types of chairs couches  and bean bag chairs, which were very comforting especially with the sea wave sounds.






Overall experience was good and would rate it to be 9.5/10. Food could be better but service, atmosphere and setup makes you condones the food taste.Chill and grill night happening every Wednesday from 7pm to 11 pm, worth a visit!

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بالمان ومجموعة بهبهاني  أعلنوا إطلاق حفلهم  الخاص باستقبال سفير العلامة التجارية بالمان وأيضاً ملكة جمال سويسرا دومينيك ريندركنيشت، الذي أخذ مكاناً في معرض تيك توك الأفنيوزفي يوم الأحد 21 سبتمبر 2014.

ويعتبر تيك توك أحدث إضافة لمجموعة بهبهاني، وهو عبارة عن مفهوم جديد ومبتكر يجمع بين الماركات التي تلبي شغف محبي الساعات السويسرية وذلك في أجواء عصرية وغير تقليدية تنقل عملائها إلى عالم من الحداثة.

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وبدأ الحدث بمؤتمر صحفي حيث تم الإعلان عن مسابقة بالمان انستجرام لتشجيع المتسوقين ووسائل الإعلام لتجربة ساعة بالمان بيليجانزا كرونو وإلتقاط صورة بجانب ملكة جمال سويسرا وتحميلها على حسابهم الخاص بالإنستجرام. والثلاث متسابقين الحائزين على أكبر عدد من الإعجاب يفوزون بساعة بالمان.

منذ عام 2005، عززت ساعات بالمان هذا التقليد الخاص بالشركة مع رعايتها لمسابقة ملكة جمال سويسرا. وملكة جمال سويسرا هذا العام هي دومينيك ريندر كنيشت، 24 سنة، الشقراء الجميلة التي تتمتع بشخصية ذكية ومتألقة مع ابتسامة أكثر إشراقاً وتنتمي إلى عشاق الرياضة.

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لقد أطلق على ملكة جمال سويسرا 2013، لقب بيليجانزا كرونو ليدي لساعات اليد المذهلة من ماركة بالمان. وعلى نحو مماثل للكرونوغراف، تقيس الفترات الزمنية القصيرة – لغاية 30 دقيقة – فضلاً عن عرض الوقت واليوم. ولكن على غرار الكرونوغراف العادية، فان هذا التصميم يقوم بعرض قسطاً كاملاً من السحر الجذاب.

إنها ولدت في عالم حصري لآخر صيحات الموضة الباريسية وتأسست على يد  المصمم الشهير بيير بالمان. و جلبت بالمان التقاليد القديمة التي تتميز بالذوق والأناقة إلى عالمنا الحديث. واليوم فهي تتمتع بالروح الأصلية التي تقود المجموعة الداعمة لمصنعي الساعات السويسرية الرائدة – مصدر من المزايا الفنية والتسويقية التي لا تقدر بثمن على قدر الاستفادة من ساعات بالمان.

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مع أكثر من 75 عاماً من الخبرة في البيع بالتجزئة، تمتلك وتدير مجموعة البهبهاني مجموعة من المعارض والمخازن حصرياً لماركات الساعات العالمية فضلاً عن المجوهرات. إن هذه المعارض تقع في مراكز التسوق المرموقة في جميع أنحاء الكويت مثل الصالحية، مول 360، المارينا، سوق شرق، الكوت، ليلى غاليري، مركز الحمرا للتسوق وتيك توك (سوكو، الأفنيوز).

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Balmain and Behbehani Group announced their new event welcoming the Balmain brand ambassador and also Miss Switzerland, Dominique Rinderknecht, on September 21st, 2014 at the TIKTOK showroom, the Avenues Mall.

Tik Tok is the newest addition to Behbehani Group; it is an innovative concept that brings together all the brands that Swiss watch lovers prefer, all in a trendy, non-classic ambiance that transforms its clientele to a world of novelty.

The event commenced with a press gathering where it Balmain Instagram competition was announced encouraging the shoppers and the media to try on the Balmain Beleganza Chrono watch next to Miss Swiss and upload it to their Instagram accounts. 3 competitors with the highest number of likes shall win Balmain watches.

post 5

Since 2005, Balmain Watches has enhanced this corporate tradition with its sponsorship of the Miss Switzerland contest. This year’s Miss Swiss is the 24-year-old Dominique Rinderknecht whose blond good looks, bright personality and brighter smile belong to an enthusiastic, sports aficionado.

Miss Switzerland 2013 is striking a Balmain wristwatch called Beleganza Chrono Lady. Like every chronograph, it measures short time spans – up to 30 minutes here – as well as showing the time of the day. But unlike typical chronographs, this design displays a full measure of engaging charm.

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Born in the exclusive world of Parisian High Fashion and founded by Pierre Balmain, the noted Haute Couture master, Balmain brings to time longstanding traditions of taste and elegance. Today its distinctively original spirit drives a watch brand backed by a leading Swiss watchmaking group – the source of invaluable technical and marketing advantages benefiting Balmain timepieces.

With over 75 years of expertise in retail, the Behbehani Group owns and manages a series of showrooms and stores exclusively for international watch brands as well as jewelry. These showrooms are located in prestigious malls around Kuwait such as Salhiya, 360, Marina, Souq Sharq, Al Kout, Laila Gallery, Al Hamra Luxury Center and Tiktok (Soku, The Avenues).

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announce better

The moment that you have all been waiting for is finally here. Korean technology, Samsung, has commenced the sale of its newest and  most advanced smartphone yet. It is currently being sold at a price of 699 euro in Germany, which makes it the most expensive smartphone from Samsung’s stable. 

Now as for the new phone’s features, the Samsung Note 4 comes with a few special ones. The screen display of 5.7 inches has moved from Full High Definition to advanced version Quad HD. This is said to give a better viewing experience when it comes to contrast, colours and density. 

In the Note 4, Samsung has incorporated a multi-function feature on same screen which would allow the users to use different functions on the same screen!

samsung note 4

And of course for those eager to know the advancement of the camera features, the Note 4 has a 16 megapixel rear-facing camera and a 3.7 megapixel front-facing camera which goes up to a 120 degree wide angle shot.

What is our main concern when it comes to our mobile phones? Yes it is the battery! The representatives of Samsung said that Note 4 has lower power consumption and increased battery life of 7.5% compared to the model before. Another new battery feature is that this phone can be charged 50% within only 30 minutes.

And last but not least, Samsung has introduced the new feature of snap. Snap is a feature that includes an S Pen that would be used for writing on the Note 4. Snap also includes the users ability to select a portion of an image or text on the screen of the phone and share it with a person via any application in which one can share an image or text on.

The Samsung Note 4 is expected to be available for sale globally in October.

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olsen twins


The talented Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen designed their first wedding dress for their long time friend, stylist Molly Fishkin, who tied the knot with, producer/director, Asher Levin in Los Angeles just recently. Their dress was featured on this month’s issue of Vogue.

olsen 3

Molly had known Mary-Kate and Ashley for over 15 years, and once she had told them the news of her engagement they immediately said that they wanted to design her wedding dress. Molly of course accepted their offer and was extremely happy with the whole designing process and she expressed that the Olsen’s and their team were very patient and calm throughout every step of the way.

olsen 2olsen 1

This was Mary-Kate and Ashley’s first time designing a wedding dress, and after looking at the pictures of the masterpiece, I dare say that it will definitely not be their last!


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Everyone seems to be Snapchatting these days!

snapchat 1

So how did this popular app come about and by who? Here are the deets.

It all began when these young men met at Stanford University in 2008, Evan Spiegal, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy.

snapchat 3


One day, Brown had this idea where he wished that the pictures that he was sending this girl would just disappear, and that is when it all sparked.. They all started working on and coming up with the logo, which is still that same one used today, during the Summer of 2011. It was originally called “Pictaboo” and was finally launched in July 2011.

The team of then called “Pictaboo” got into a dispute about the name order that would appear on the technology patent as well as the equity splits. Evan and Bobby then decided to boot out Brown from the company and changed its name to “Snapchat” in the Fall of 2011!

snapchat 2

High school kids got hooked on the app and by April 2012, the number of users grew to 100,000 users. Evan dropped out of University just a few weeks before he was meant to graduate once he got all the money put in his bank. Kind of a shame but oh well!

In February 2013, Brown, who was the guy that they basically kicked out of the company, filed a law suit against Snapchat for Breach of Joint Venture. This law suit is still going on now and they have yet to make a decision or settle!

So anyways, Snapchat got so popular that Facebook offered three billion dollars for Snapchat, however obviously they refused the offer as they were doing really good on their own! To prove this, by May 2013, the number of users went up to….150 million users!!




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nutelllaaa crepe

How would you like this as a dessert after your futoor? Oh believe me I know, I mean look at all that nutella in there.. Well It’s pretty simple to make and I will be taking you step by step.

Firstly let’s get the ingredients, you will be needing:

1 cup of flour

2 eggs

1 cup of milk

2 teaspoons of white sugar

2 teaspoons of butter

2 teaspoons of vanilla

1/4 teaspoon of salt

Now for the Crepe filling, you will need 3 medium bananas sliced and as for the nutella…I’m just going to leave that for you to decide!


1. Mix the eggs, vanilla, sugar, salt and milk really good together in a bowl.

2. When you see bubbles add the flour and the melted butter! Now mix together until it looks creamy and beige.

3. Now you’d want to melt some butter on a pan and add the mixture and cook for a few minutes in low heat. Don’t forget to flip it to cook it on the other side!

4. Now it’s time for you to fill ‘em up!!






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