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Ramadan is the time of the year where everyone should be praying but instead we’re all watching as many TV shows as we can fit in! Now that we’re in the last 10 days of this holy month and for those of you that are non-Muslims, the last 10 days of Ramadan are the most special and even more blessed than the rest. Part of this is because one of these days (the exact date is unknown) is Layet El-Qader which is the night that the Quran was revealed to the Messenger PBUH and this night is better than 1000 months (yes, months – not days).

So for those of you who have never heard of it or just never watched it, try Khawater. It is a great learning show and will open your eyes to so many issues and relates them back to Islam and how we should be as good Muslims and good people. If you watch it on YouTube, it has English subtitles!

You can find all this seasons episodes at the link below.

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I’m sure you have all seen this hashtag and are probably posting it all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. The people of Gaza are yet again trying to survive Israel’s attacks with all their will and power. There have been many losses of civilians, families and loved ones that we must all dedicate our prayers to. May God be with them and help them get through this.


palestine 2


Just a couple of days ago, a group of people attended the peaceful gathering for Palestine that was held near the American Embassy. The people of Kuwait gath ered around with signs that spoke out what needed to be said and lit candles as a sign of prayer and peace wished upon the Palestinians. It was truly a peaceful night.


It’s hard to just watch and realize that what we are able to do to help is limited, however events such as these are great acts that we must try and do more of! Keep on posting updated news and raising awareness about what is happening on all social networks and media. Most importantly, keep those innocent victims in your prayers.

palestine 1





If you are like everyone else, then I’m sure you watch Game of Thrones.  But if you are like me then you were utterly disgusted after the last episode. To be honest, the sight of Oberyn Martel’s face completely destroyed on screen was one that I could have done without.

Even the book didn’t find it necessary to describe it THAT graphically, so why do producers feel that we need to see such things? What is your take on it?



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Last night, Apple unveiled its new iOS8 at the WWDC. It has so many great features that iPhone users have been anxiously awaiting, but for me the one I am looking forward to most is that Siri will be hands-free!


iOS 8 also taught Siri some new tricks. With it’s new Shazam integration, Siri ID will identify any song in earshot, and it can dim your lights or turn up your thermostat through the new smart home framework. There are backend changes too, like streaming voice recognition and improved language support, but the big news is that you’ll be able to call up the program without even touching your phone. Just say the words “Hey, Siri” and it’ll appear automatically, similar to “OK, Google” in Chrome.

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A quick background but it is necessary. The unit of currency in Kuwait is the Kuwaiti Dinar (KD), divided into one thousand Fils Currency notes are issued by the CBK in the following denominations: quarter dinar, half dinar, one dinar, five dinars, ten dinars and twenty dinars. Also, there have been five issues of Kuwaiti currency notes since the introduction of the State’s legal tender in 1961.

I’m sure that you have all heard of the new currency notes that being issued and it’s official, the sixth issue will be in circulation from June 29, 2014. According to CBK, the new banknotes were developed in an innovative manner that guarantees an excellent quality, security measures and aesthetic appeal which includes many of Kuwait’s accomplishments, its citizens’ uplifting spirit and other national aspects.

Also keep in mind that the launching of this sixth issue of the new Kuwaiti banknotes into circulation will not affect the validity of the current fifth issue of the Kuwaiti banknotes, which will maintain its legal validity until an official decision to withdraw it from circulation is announced.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the designs, check out this YouTube video.

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The app called NAS Airports allows you to check real time flight information, book an airport lounge or the meet and assist service   They also are offering a 25 % discount for the introductory stage

Since everyone will be traveling during their break and it’s difficult to find credible real-time flight information online in Kuwait I think this app would be useful to have for everyone. It makes booking your flights that much easier!

flyer EN

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Kuwaiti fashion designer Bazza Alzouman’s womenswear collections use an exquisite mix of textures and fabrics in a muted palette – resulting in the ultimate in sophistication and femininity.

bazza alz 1

Designed to flatter the female form, Bazza’s designs are to be worn and enjoyed, giving the wearer an ethereal quality. Her designs feature fun and flirty dresses alongside more demure and understated looks, appealing to a broad customer base, for a wide range of occasions. The ‘limited edition’ collection (only a select number of each style is produced), further enhancing their exclusivity – and appeal.

Having displayed a talent for creating outfits and an eye for fit during her early childhood, Bazza pursued her fashion ambitions, enrolling at New York’s Parsons School of Design, earning an AAS Degree in Fashion Design (2012). Her multi- cultural upbringing has influenced her aesthetic – which combines a streamlined, simplified silhouette with distinctive feminine detailing. Having worked with designer Naeem Khan, this cemented her interest to focus on eveningwear, where she can be at her most creative, designing with fluidity and ease of movement in mind.

bazza alz 2

This exclusive showcase at 4 is a unique opportunity to preview Bazza Alzouman’s fist collection and meet the designer.

For further information, please contact: Haya Al Abdulkareem at: [email protected]

Shuwaikh Industrial Area, Block 1, Street 6, Plot 21 Shuwaikh, Kuwait
965 24925444

Bazza Alzouman Inviteff

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Parents of the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls are hoping for a miracle. So far, all they have is a hashtag and Unless you live under a rock, you’ve see it, #BringBackOurGirls. It only took over three weeks after Islamic extremists abducted the girls for anyone to pay any attention but do you think that this sudden online interest will last? Will it take it from just a trending topic to an actual call for action.

Police say, more than 300 girls were abducted from their secondary school in the country’s remote northeast, and 276 remain in captivity. Though details of the abductions have been public since they were carried out, the case was not widely followed until #BringBackOurGirls and other hashtags attracted attention.

More than 2.1 million tweets using #BringBackOurGirls have been posted. Interest was relatively low until last week, when celebrities including singer Chris Brown sent messages that were widely circulated. More than 380,000 tweets carried the hashtag Wednesday, including one from Michelle Obama, who has been retweeted more than 53,000 times.

The flurry of attention on Nigeria brings to mind a similar campaign two years ago that introduced many people to Joseph Kony, a guerrilla leader whose group has abducted many Ugandan children who then became sex slaves or fighters. A video about Kony went viral in 2012, but public attention waned, and the warlord remains at large. Unfortunately the #BringBackOurGirls campaign appears far closer to the Kony campaign than to the kind of social media activity that organized much of the Arab Spring movement. The campaign lacks the information to do much more than educate.

So social media won’t find them, but it could fuel discussions on injustice and what led to the kidnappings.


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