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كنت اتصفح الجرائد اليومية كعادتي ولفت انتباهي الازمة المندلعة حول موضوع “الشماغ” خصوصا انه ترأس عناوين جميع الصحف, فعلى ما يبدوا ان وزارة الاعلام قد اصدرت قرارا بمنع مذيعين تلفزيون الكويت بارتدائه.ا


شخصيا لا ارتدي “الشماغ” الا نادرا, ولكن لا ارى ما يمنع من ارتدائه ومنعه بهذه الصورة المبهمة يذكرني بقرار الذي صدر منذ فترة ويختص باقتراح منع استخدام الكامرات الاحترافية في الكويت .ا

ودارت احاديث عن سبب المنع وقال البعض انه ليس من تاريخ الكويت ولكن  بمجرد النظر للصورة اعلى يمكننا تصور التاريخ الذي يعود اليه ارتداء الشماغ. واتعجب كذلك من ردة فعل بعض النواب وخلقهم ازمة سياسية بين السلطتين بسبب.. الشماغ  !ا

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A while ago I was at Cinescape 360 enjoying the 5th installment of the successful franchise the “Fast and Furious” movie series. This is one of the few fast-paced action movies that I really enjoy and that’s why I chose V.I.P theater.

I liked reunion of Vin Diesel (Dom) and Paul Walker (Brian), also the famous actor known as “The Rock” shows up this time to add even more intense action.


As you would expect from Fast & Furious movies, there are many tuned-up cars, speed racings, shooting, drugs, money and tricks. I came to know there is an IMAX version coming soon, I’ll definitely see it again !

I’d rate it 9.0/10 (I hate censorship), but my only concern is when young or reckless speed lovers see it and try to implement what they saw on Kuwait streets !

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Our friend, Barak AlJasmi, had shared with us his hot video while he was showing-off his motocross skills at “Jaber Al-Sabah Motocross Track”.

I never knew we had a motorcross track in Kuwait until very recently, and am thrilled with his skills and video, Masha’allah !

I’ll pay the motocross track a visit sometime soon.

Thanks [Barak]



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Kiss transmission device ?! Now I’ve seen bad inventions but this one beats them all, literally !

Though I admit that I laughed at the idea of French kissing virtually :)


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While driving nearby Burj Jassem in Kuwait city, I noticed that they’re are soon opening a new branch for FatBurger. This is great news because now we don’t have to drive all the way to Fintas to enjoy their burgers.

Also, this new branch looks bigger than the one at spoons.

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We just paid a little visit to the on-going Downtown expo at Kuwait International Fair in Hall#8, and we are glad to say that we enjoyed it.


Our fans know that we love expos and we enjoy them. The downtown expo started yesterday under the patronage of Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Al-Sabah, and will continue till tomorrow, so you still got a chance to visit it.

This is one of the best expos, also biggest, that I have seen with regards to organization, diversity and number of participants. There were everything from A to Z such as fashion, accessories, foods, sweets, talents, shows, photography.

If you want my advise, visit the expo and you won’t be disappointed.

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This year people are having very early shopping for Ramadan. Hala Ramadan is a shopping expo that will take place in Um Kalthoum hall in 360 Mall starting May 10, till May 12 from 10:00am to 10:00 pm.

I can’t imagine that less than three months left to Ramadan 2011, that was fast !

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Can you ever think about going to this saloon ? I can’t see any place for the word “Beauty” here !

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