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Its been really long time since I ate at Nando’s in the Avenues Mall, but I saw that it was shutdown with a written note saying that they are re-locating to a new location. 

Sadly, I liked Nando’s, I’ll try to find about their new location. :(

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13 Responses to “Nando’s re-locating?”

  1. Nezar says:

    Hey Taz,

    They have been closed for more than 4 months. I have tried emailing & calling them to ask about their new location but no response from them. From the way it looks, it doesn’t seem they will re-open again, which is a sad thing since I really enjoyed their food & atmosphere.

    • Tazmania says:

      I loved Nando’s too, sadly they are closed and hopefully they are just relocating and not shutting-down completely, the location was the downside, many did not notice Nando’s when going to the Avenues Mall.

      I’ll also try to contact them, hopefully I get a response.

  2. Q8me says:

    7safa! 5osh m63m :(

  3. j.z.j says:

    ana emjarba maretain .. awl mra ib Malaysia w el thanya bel kuwait bs we asked for home delivery
    Ma ya3jebni ;/ ! WAYD 3adi ! or yemkn ana ma a6leb shay 7elo ? ;p

  4. mohammed alhussaini says:


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  7. Shina Abdul Hameed says:


    Any news on Nandos?


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  9. Max says:

    WHHEERE Is is i miss it soo much i go to the UAE every month so i can eat nandos….

    They need to open it again Asap

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