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SecurityWalkThroughMetalDetectorA co-worker has emailed an article published today on Al Qabas newspaper stating that MOI has just announced that they’re moving forward to install metal detectors and CCTV (AKA surveillance cameras) at the entrances of all major shopping malls in Kuwait to control the ever increasing crime rates, especially those involving stabbing. They say the metal detectors will be used to discover all stabbing weapons such as knives and other dangerous deadly weapons.

I commend such an action despite being too late, as I always say we only respond to catastrophes while prevention is utterly absent. Though, my little question to MOI is; what will happen if the criminals will get the weapons, say knives, from inside the mall itself? I mean they can step into any restaurant and get a steak cutting knife. Maybe someone can suggest a solution?

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Thanks [Hassan]

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14 Responses to “Metal Detectors & Surveillance Cameras in Shopping Malls”

  1. Lance says:

    I suggest for all police officers to conduct “FRISKING” of all Teen Ager’s on streets. After mall incidents, they can still stab people on parking lots and elsewhere. If they are caught with deadly weapons should Jail them then show their faces on newspapers.

  2. Darkwolf80s says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh now they have installed the metal detectors. Again, it will not stop a crim from happening. If I can’t get a knife from a restaurant or a home supply store, I can get a turkey knife cutter from Xcite or better yet, I can get various blades from an office depo. Or better yet, lets go extreme, I can burn the guy using a lighter and lighting him and his friends on fire! My point is, there is no limit to the human mind, if you have pure hate in your heart and mind anything is possible.

  3. abdulaziz says:

    as usual stupid unnecessary decisions!! waste of money and waste of peoples time!!!

    did they forget how the Dr was murdered in the avenues ! the killer stole the knife from carfour!

  4. Nixon says:

    Well they can stop selling knives in malls or put them in the glass cabinet. As for stealing knives from restuarants well make sure that the only entrance is the one that can be used waiters, so that it won’t be sneaky…
    Surveillance cameras are awesome, but it needs to be clear.

  5. Casino Kuwait says:

    Declare a moratorium for 3 months forbidding all unaccompanied (boys) minors and groups of youth from entering malls. That should teach them a lesson.
    Each time there is an incident just clamp down on access to the mall and sooner or later,you might begin to see a reversal in their collective behavior!

  6. unknown says:

    You have a sick mind darkwolf! (Just kidding)

    Well, they should make everyone see a psychiatrist to see who’s crazy, violent, or even have a temper where he would fit in as if he needs anger management or not etc (I use to have a temper and used to be very violent, now I can’t even squash a bug if it wasn’t bothering me or not near me to attack me or I saw one poor wasp or bee which was dying due to the sun and it couldn’t fly so I had mercy on it and ended its suffering.

    • darkwolf80s says:


      Yes, was told lots of times that I do indeed have a sick mind. It’s the honest truth but it’s all in there, tinkering in my little la la land world. Can it be a reality? Maybe or maybe not. Anything is possible. :) The human body is so fragile yet, in our heads we can imagine to do the extreme and then we try to take that thought try as much as we can to make it happen in reality. (Insert Evil Laugh) MOAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  7. Ever notice how it takes a crisis to create change? It’s not only true in Kuwait but the world in general.

  8. unknown says:

    Its less responsive in the world compared to Kuwait imo.

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