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20130116_185309 (Medium)As promised I brought you sneak peek photos for MUJI store before the official opening this weekend at Grand Avenue. I shop at MUJI when ever I visit London but this one is a lot bigger on the inside and it’s built on two levels, there was a wide variety of household and consumer goods like clothes, home furnishings, cosmetics, travel accessories, stationery, gift items, shoes…etc.

20130116_183558 (Medium)What I liked about MUJI stuff is that they were designed smartly, like for instance their dining table that can be folded/unfolded based on your needs. There were also customized stuff for Kuwait and the GCC region such as king size beds. However, my biggest concern was the prices, I noted the items were relatively pricier than London’s MUJI but generally prices varied from low to high to suit everyone’s budget.

20130116_184940 (Medium)

20130116_184543 (Medium)

20130116_184637 (Medium)[nggallery id=6]

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6 Responses to “Preview: MUJI Kuwait”

  1. Muji says:

    Do they have kitchenwere?

  2. Moshe Muji says:

    Do they have an ozone bar like their store in Ginzha does?

  3. Muji Mania says:

    You remind of the time back in 1983 when the opening of the Kids R Us store went viral and boy, was the opening night something else; unlike anything the Middle East had seen before then!
    Do we expect Muji to replicate the kind of success Pinkberry’s had in Kuwait? Time will tell.

  4. Syed Imran says:



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