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Yesterday I did my perdiodical medical tests that includes tests for blood, diabetes, cholestrol, urin, eye sight, hearing, and weight. Hamdullah everything turned out fine except for one thing that shocked me, did you guess it yet? Yes its my weight, I gained over 10 KG’s in 2011 and now I’m at 95 KG! Honestly I didn’t see it coming.  

I guess it all has to do with lacking of exercise, restaurants, changing my work from field to office, and sitting in front of computers for too long.

I had this instantaneous moment yesterday that I needed to go healthy again and lose those extra 10 KG’s so before I lose my enthusiasm I went back to the gym which I stopped for almost a year now, I’m also considering new quick gyms like Core Fitness, Club Fit, or Rush Gym, but not yet sure which one is better?

The gym was almost full, though it upsets me that many young guys were obviously using steroids for getting huge muscles unaware of the dangers. I read its healthy to lose around 1 KG a week (That’s 4 KG/Month) but my plan is to try my best lose around 2.5 KG per week and to achieve that I’ll do the following:

So do you guys have any suggestions? Do you think my goal is realistic?


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43 Responses to “Can you lose 10 KGs in one month?”

  1. Nothing’s impossbile but the most important thing to achieve your goal is working out like a BEAST! So you must have the power of the will and NEVER SAY NEVER ;)

  2. Q8rogue says:

    Why do you want to lose 10 kgs in one month? thats way too fast and unhealthy, lose slowly and maintain i suggest.

  3. YES !!

    Yes, you can lose 10 kgs in 2 months, but it takes dedication/patience/consistency.

    Without all 3 you’ll never reach your goal, because the minute you lose the 10, you’ll gain them right back !

    I lost 23 kilos in 7 i can give you a lot of tips if needed.

    But the best advice I can give you are those 3 words up there + TIESTO’S PODCAST ! <–best music to listen to while lifting weights or running on the treadmill.

    • Tazmania says:

      When I read TIESTO’S PODCAST I was like “huh” what’s that? Man I gotta try your advice, I’m finding the gym really tough the first days :(

  4. ClubFit says:

    Hi i am one of the worker from clubfit i saw your post actually its really easy if you would like to visit us and speak to Mr Abdullah Al Askari he will suggest you on something we are personal training Fitness club we are located in Al babtain tower (Sanabel) Please come and visit us i believe u will loose wieght and meet your goals here with us and for sure u will loose wieght :)

    • Tazmania says:

      I’m a big fan of Mr Abdullah Al Askari I remember seeing him at Oxugen gym, I once paid a little visit to ClubFit gym and found it cool. I’ll consider joining v.soon, btw what are the available sessions?

  5. Okay, I just saw the ClubFit comment – and yes, they are a very good brother has been with them for 2-3 months and he’s very satisfied..but at the end of the day, everyone has there own opinions to things. Sorry for the double comment lol.

  6. Fitness Dude says:

    try core fitness i did and achieved good results.

  7. Butters says:

    Yes you can.

  8. Coffers says:

    I have been on a similar goal, though I have alot further to go than you, but i have been working steadily with it. Eating healthy and definitely exercising. Personally i don’t go with less than 1500 calories, 1200 seems a bit too low, I’ve cut carbs to a minimum, mostly protein and vegetables, even fruit in moderation, you want to stay away from foods that spike your glycemic index. I stopped believing in gyms, people always start off strong, but the time commitment and motivation involved is a bit high and can easily hinder your progress. i work out at home mostly, following P90 since i started out not so fit, and plan to move onto P90X once i finish the first 90 days. End of the day best advice is, slow and steady gets results that stay with you. Best of luck.

    • Tazmania says:

      Thank you for sharing your inspiring experience, it brought many important things to my mind. By the way, can you briefly explain what is glycemic index? and how does it effect weight loss ?

      Thanks again Coffers,

      • Coffers says:

        In simple terms, the glycemic index is a way of measuring the effect different carbs have on your blood sugar levels. High index foods tend to spike whereas lower ones have a longer less spiked effect. What this translates too, if the food you ate has a low index and is elevating your blood sugar level to a satisfactory level for a longer period of time, you will not feel hungry for that duration as opposed to one that simply spikes and is over say within 30-60 minutes. There is a simplified list of foods with their indexes on the wiki page listed :

  9. Nawaf AL-Rudaini says:

    in 2008, I tried the Subway diet for 2 months and lost 20KG with NO exercise.

    Last year I tried a diet service and lost 10KG in 1 month. also NO exercise.

    Now I’m in my 3rd week of another diet service and lost 4KG in the 1st 2 weeks. Not my goal, but its a start. I aimed to loose 6KG in the 1st 2 weeks, 4KG in the 2nd 2 weeks, and then average 1.5kg per week for the last 8 months.

    You could loose the 10KG in a month, but it will be difficult. One thing to put in mind (as told by a specialist) that men tend to loose more weight than women.

    Best of luck to you. You can do it if you have your mind set on it :)

    • Tazmania says:

      I must say I’m impressed by your abilit to lose weight that fast, Subway diet sounds cool I thougt its only an advertising thing but it seems its real :)

      Currently, I’m trying to combine diet with exercise to achieve that goal, I said one month because I have some circumstances plus I needed to feel motivated. Thanks Nawaf

  10. Marina Fernandes says:

    1kg a week is good. More than that is unhealthy. Instead of going to Gym’s, just try walking to various places for one hour a day.

    You will lose weight. Also go on a low GI index diet and that should help too.

  11. Yazan - Fitness instructor says:

    dude,, its all abt walking and jogging ONLYYYYY,, you go walk and jog for 1hr (min) – 1.5 (max) a day, 5 times a week and you will shock of the results after one month. i myself have lost 10kg in one month (ELHAMDELLA).

    no problem, il tell you how :))

    1. Eat whatever you like from morning till 7:00PM. try to have ur main dish before 7:00pm. u might ask me wht if i felt hngry, go eat fruits and some light food ONLY.. ONLY.
    2. Go walk and jog (in any outside field), in kuwait Elhamdella there are many fields for such need.
    3. do some excercises with the machines that are available in the field and focus on the abs. abs.. abs, for how long?? il tell you the secret,, dont stop until u have to (stop when ur abs ask you: pls stop cnnt do more).. do this and Ed3eeely :))
    For more info. pls contact me as i used to help in such cases, i btw used to work as model so such stuff is my bb :)

    • Tazmania says:

      Man your comment is full of energy & enthusiam love it :) But I have this little doubt, running for 1.5hr will also burn a lot of muscles?

      Your experience is unique really :)

    • Andrra says:

      Hi there! :) I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your enthusiasm and optimism, it’s so inspiring! I wanted to ask you if you think that I can reach the goal of losing 10kg per month, if I jog an hour every morning, do 45 min of cardio in the evening along with 15min of jumping jacks and ab workout. I am also going to register myself at the gym , and I am going to go there three times a week, I’ll be weight lifting and doing some more cardio there! And also, I’m going to add a few changes to my diet and eliminate all snacks, chocolate, and stuff like that. And of course, I’ll drink lots of water! It’s just that sometimes I lose the optimism and charisma…what can I do about that?

    • Needhelp says:

      Hello, i am a girl with 63 and i want to lose 8 kilos to be 55! My hight is 162.. How can i reach my goal ? I need ur advice if u dont mind:)

    • Needhelp says:

      I want to lose 8 kilos ! A girl! Need some help?

  12. Hussain Khashab says:

    First of all anything is possible, I went from 105 KG to 83 KG last summer over the period of 3 months without the use of any drugs or suppliments (8).

    But one thing is if you lose 10 KG over one month then get back to your daily living routine your gonna gain it back .

    So I say take your time and dont rush ;)

    P.S. : Many people will say only do walking/jogging/cardio and weight lifting is useless but trust me weight lifting is VERY IMPORTANT in weight loss as long as you dont use steriods :)

    • Tazmania says:

      Mashallah you lost 22 KGs Man thats realyl an achievement, especially that you didn’t take any steroids what so ever. Currently I’m working out at the gym and also walking/jogging, sadly most of the guys at the gym told me to consider taking steroids/HGH …etc it seems steroids is becoming a trend. Thanks Hussain

    • This guy knows what he’s talking about..I think you should listen to him..weight training is VERY important ! Running in intervals is also important too, it allows your blood vessels to transport and stretch out the muscle groups that you have worked on during training that day.

  13. j.z.j says:

    You can ask TheDietNinja (Fahad Al Yahya) find them in twitter, or visit his blog ( i’m sure he can help u with that, aked t3arfa ? ;p

    i beleive quick gyms for people whor busy all the day, fa tfeedk but if u want a normal gym w ma ykon za7ma an9e7k ib Flex Executive (AlShaab) za7meta maqbola w ba3th el ayam t7esa wayd fathy ;p

    anyway summer is coming so everywhere will be crowded :S

  14. Ma says:

    Fall in love :P hahaha!

  15. ClubFit says:

    Hello to everyone thanks alot for the positive comments right now we have from 9 am to 3 pm only its better if you can visit and check by your self and sit with Abdullah Al Askari :)

  16. AMalikRunner says:

    You can lose more with disciplied diet, believe and will power of non-stop persistent :) I suggest usually people who work (Usually work does not start before 8am (unless, otherwise) sleep early, wake up early – Get a sweat outside (or if you prefer indoors many gyms open early (Victory in Jabriya 5:30 affordable prices and no I am not soliciting or any 24 hour gym which you can afford do intense cardio 30-45 minutes mix it run 20, eleptical, stider, etc.. then light weights more reps, eat proper and you will exceed your expectations.

  17. Salue says:

    Yes Easily you can lose 10KG in 1 month if not maybe something near it like 8KG ?

    just eat food that is organic..

    don’t eat bread-sweets-rice or anything processed if it’s possible

    train 1-2Hour’s a Day A walk+jog is good

    also do resistance training

  18. Asmaa says:

    Start your day early

    Eat only as much as you will be using during the day

    Fast on Mondays and Thursdays, it is Sunnah plus it willl accerelate the use of extra fat in your body

    Don’t slump and sit while eating, sit up properly

    Walk walk and walk, it will help a lot in the long run

  19. nabil says:

    what were u doing at O2 ? i train there , i can never go before 12am , its like a zoo !

  20. dynami says:

    all you have to do is fill yourself up with water before meals and dont eat after 7pm unless its water and sometimes will notice you went down a kilo or half a kilo in a day if you did that sometimes….also try brushing ur teeth if you get cravings because it makes u not ant to eat and ruin your clean teeth…try eating only salads, soups and boneless chicken breast grilled…i would love to send you diet schedules if u need it…the first year i decided to permanently move back to kuwait when i was 19, i was 40 kilos, in about a year and a half i was 67 kilos and i am 5foot 1 inch…i gave myself 8 months to loose it with my own home cooking and occasional exercise…good luck and wish u the best…it will be a piece of cake.

  21. dynami says:

    btw i forgot to mention but this is only if you are super in need of losing the weight asap…there is a liquid diet in U.K. and maybe in U.S…there is this tube they hoopk up down your nose and you walk around with it all the time whic is attached to some liquid meal pouches which provide all the vitamins your body needs to be healthy but without the fats of daily food. the ink below should give u some info but i think u can lose like 20 pounds pretty fast….if i had the time to go travel i would so do this…but maybe ots not for everybody :P

  22. Tazmania says:

    Thank you all for your great support this is really helping, you all gave me really great tips and techniques, I’m now following them on daily basis and at the end the first week I’m see really good results, now my weight it 92.7 KG :) I’m so so so happy will keep you updated my progress thanks love you all (L)

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  24. Andrra says:

    I read all the comments and all of them are pretty motivating! I have always wanted to lose weight, I’ve always felt a little too chubby! I am 1.75 and weigh 65kg… I want to lose 10 kg in 1 month because after a month I will be going to Geneva to check out the university in which I’m applying in. I want to look good, professional and like a damsel haha :) So my plan is to jog every morning ( 1 hour of jogging ), and then do 45 minutes of cardio in the evening, along with 15 minutes of jumping jacks and some ab exercise. I’m going to start going to the gym, and go there three times a week, do some weight lifting and some more cardio. I want to change my diet. It’s not that I do not eat healthy food, it’s just that I sometimes tend to eat a lot of chocolate – can’t have enough of it unfortunately :(! I want to stop eating sweets altogether ( my dermatologist also told me that I shouldn’t eat chocolate and sugar because it keeps activating my acne ), and eat only fruits, vegetables, lots of water, eggs and fresh juices and such things. Do you think I can reach this goal? Losing 10 kg in a month? I plan to start on the 15th of September 2012 ( Saturday) and hopefully reach my coal until the 18th of October 2012 ( Thursday). Cheers to everyone out there who is motivated and trying to reach their goals, you can do it! :) xx

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  26. Duncan Grap says:

    Liquid diets control calorie intake by restricting what you eat to mostly or all liquids. How they work varies from product to product. Some liquid diets are fluid only — fruit or vegetable juices juices or shakes — that replace all of your meals, taken three or four times a day. These programs are either do-it-yourself options sold over the counter, or medically supervised plans available only through doctors’ offices or hospitals.”^';

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