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I finally found the exact location of Fitness First health club since they said they’re opening in Kuwait soon but wasn’t sure where. The location is Salem Mubarak street in Salmiya in an under-construction mall called Al Salam Mall.

I was also able to reach the management who said they will probably open by end of this year and that they will be one of the biggest health clubs in Kuwait. Can’t wait for the opening, its nice to see franchises that are not restaurants.

Thanks [Dono]

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15 Responses to “Finally found the location of Fitness First health club”

  1. AMalikRunner says:

    One good thing in 2 years.

    • Tazmania says:

      Where have you been Man?

      • AMalikRunner says:

        Here just visiting stations to go through some police nonsense before I leave – got some accident cases, etc. It’s horrible to deal with them. A person sitting next door says a story and the person next to him says a completely different one.

        Once out I am definately writing a book ‘Midnight run in Kuwait’ and perhaps visit some newspaper there to share my journey here. It’s no joke. It was hell man.. I’m sorry but its hell.

  2. hajer says:

    at salmiya 9adima?! that is it!, tell me the prices will be nice our we will pay the franchise in behalf of the owner ;)

  3. 906 The City says:

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  4. j.z.j says:

    So u’ll be their 1st customer inshallah ? :P
    ay gym ga3d tro7 now Mr Taz? ;p

    • Tazmania says:

      hehe Yes I’m big fan of Fitness First :) Currently going to Oxygen o I hate il za7ma ele feeh :( you still in flex?

      • j.z.j says:

        Yes.. el 7amdellah no za7ma :D
        w etha fe za7ma tkon 5afefa am sure not like O2
        what’s ur gym timing? usually my timing ikon after 7:45-8 which is perfect for me mako za7maa (y) alah ydeemha ne3ma lol

  5. sdk says:

    Dear Taz
    Could you please make a list or comparison of price for gym clubs in kuwait ??
    thank you

  6. jesse says:

    Hi,can u tell me under which management the fitness first would be,co’z i worked in fitness first philippines before i came here to kuwait.I wanted to work in their club here in kuwait.thanks

  7. mark says:

    how much is the rate?hoping for more cheaper than in the philippines..

  8. Cecilia says:

    Fitness First will open on mid of December 2012, at 360 Mall 4th floor. if you have any inquiry please call us at 51195139. The booth is already open at 360 mall, if you will be dropping by at our booth you will have the chance to join on our raffle draw and who knows maybe you will win the 1 year free membership. You will also get the chance to get our pre sale price. See you…

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