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I headed to Marina Crescent yesterday afternoon to enjoy Red Bull Flyday event that kicked-off at 1:00 PM. I ‘d say that over 20,000 were there and just like I expected finding parking spot was Mission:Impossible so I had to park near Hard Rock Cafe and walk; I don’t mind walking anyway.

Red Bull surprised the crowd by bringing Raya Abi Rached to present the show. The weather was extra humid, I was soaking literally but I was enjoying the show; the 29 participating teams had creative ideas with their planes. Design-creativity aside, I laughed my guts out with the dance shows that the teams perform before their flying attempt.

What’s up the Gangnam Style? Most of the teams were dancing to it, like I said before it’s so viral I hate it! The teams were judged by the design creativity, the dance show, and the flying distance.

So guess who won the first place? It’s the Dragon Fly! They’re the same team that won 2010 event after scoring 176 points (a record in Kuwait). They flew for 16 meter and also managed to win the creativity prize, awesome guys.

Lucky for you guys I managed to take and receive many cool shots, so those who missed the event will feel like they were actually there.

Note: I will get post a video tomorrow, stay tuned.

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5 Responses to “Red Bull Flugtag 2012 in Photos”

  1. Q8Rogue says:

    As usual guys awesome overage & shots sadly missed it.

  2. MacaholiQ8 says:

    Thank you so much for your amazing coverage. I would like to ask if you have any photos of my team (Dragonfly) please watermark them with your signature and forward them to my email.

    Dragonfly Team

  3. rmodak says:

    Amazing photos…too bad i missed it :(

  4. ريم says:

    الجو كان وايد حر وزحمة وايد. والوضع صار ينرفز. وضرينا نمشي وخوصا ان العرض طول ولاكن الصور اغنت. عن الي ماشفناه بس بعضها طلع لقطات بعيدة. وبعضها حلو.

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