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I saw announcement on Wataniya Airways website stating that they started ticket refunds after one year and a half since they halted their flights all of a sudden, many customers sent me messages and emails complaining that they did not get a refund for their booked tickets, some even filed lawsuits. The company is now apologizing to their customers and are asking them to contact them on their email “[email protected]” so they can do the necessary.

I was suspecting that Wataniya Airways may actually come back [link] and I think they are now trying to regain people trust.

Update: I received news that customers can now refund their money by visiting the travel agencies they used to book the tickets, or visit the company head office if they used Wataniya website for booking. 29 January 2013

Via [link] [965malls]

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We have a surprise for you! Two lucky guys will win with us tickets (Worth KD25 each) for Real Madrid vs. Kuwait National Team historical game on Wednesday at 8:00pm in Kaifan.


1. Follow us on twitter (@BananaQ8) and show us your twitter name as a comment.

2. After following us; Tweet this post.

3. Enter the draw.

 Note: Deadline is on Tuesday 15th 12:00 AM, only those who follow us on twitter and tweet or re-tweet this post will enter the draw. Good Luck!

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كنت اقوم بالحجز لاحد الافلام المعروضة بالسينما وظهرت لي هذه الرسالة من شركة السينما والتى تعني ان لم يعد هناك حاجة لاخذ بطاقة البنك التى استخدمت في الحجز الى السينما لاستلام التذاكر المحجوزة وكل ما انت بحاجة اليه هو اظهار رقم الحجز الذي يصلك عبر الرسالة النصية والايميل والموقع لاستلام التذاكر.ا

اعجبتني الفكرة لان في العديد من الاحيان احتاج استخدام بطاقتي البنكية للحجز للاصدقاء او الأهل ولكن لم يكن ذلك ممكنا لانهم بحاجة لاخذ بطاقتي لاستلام التذاكر, كذلك عملية ادخال البطاقة لجهاز السحب كانت احيانا مزعجة لانك بحاجة للعديد من المحاولات.ا

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I came across this notice from Cinescape to all customers highlighting that children of all ages require tickets for entry (Except Plaza, Ajial, Metro and Granada). They say that this is a part of their attempt to stop children from ruining the movie experience of everyone in attendance, I recall children under the age of 2 had free entrance before.

Also for Age Rating System they say they are awaiting for the MOI to apply it, and that they are unable to impose this at the moment, and that Cinescape has added its suggestive ratings on the website & the weekly flyer.

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A week ago I made a quick survey to find out about the most favorable destination for people in Kuwait for summer vacation 2011. Now I bring you the results:

The most desired destination was Europe (27%), also I was surprised to know that 27% will not travel. 15% will go to America, and the three destinations (GCC countries, Asia, Arabian countries) were equally same (9%), and finally 4% will travel to other places, maybe Australia or Islands.

The total votes were 162. I think with this data you can also plan your vacation :)

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The summer is here, and the summer vacation for colleges and schools are about to start, today we wanted to know what’s the favorite vacation destination that most people prefer for this summer.

Personally, I think June and July are the best for an enjoyable vacation especially that Ramadan will be on August. I think people destinations will change this year because as we know there were many political issues in several Arabian counties, also the ticket prices and availability affect our decision.

I’d like to visit Lebanon, Spain or U.S. this year, so tell us what’s your destination this summer ?

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أعلنت الخطوط الوطنية أن مجلس إدارة الشركة اجتمع أمس وقرر تعليق جميع عمليات الشركة مع عودة آخر رحلة مجدولة إلى الكويت مساء أمس.ا

وقالت الشركة في بيان صحافي أمس إن مجلس الإدارة اجتمع أمس لمناقشة الأوضاع المالية للشركة والخيارات المستقبلية لأدائها في ظل الظروف والمعطيات الحالية (المالية والأمنية)، وقرر مجلس الإدارة في اجتماعه الدعوة إلى اجتماع جمعية عمومية غير عادية في أسرع وقت ممكن لمناقشة الخيارات المستقبلية للشركة.ا

وتدعوا الشركة ضيوف الخطوط الوطنية حاملي تذاكر للسفر بعد تاريخ 16 مارس بمراسلة الشركة بشأن مطالباتهم على البريد الإلكتروني:ا

[email protected]

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