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A friend told me that famous street 3D illusion painters Julian Beever and Planet Street Painting group have made stunning floor 3D graffiti’s at the Avenues and Marina Mall. Beever is currently working on a 3D floor graffiti at the Avenues close by Starbucks cafe, I think VIVA brought him.

Note: The Kuwait 3D Maze painting above was made by Planet Street Painting group.

Below are some of Beever previous works, imagine he only used chalk, aren’t they amazing?

Image via [LWDLK]

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I read on Kuwait Times that officials from the ministry has shutdown the art gallery expo organized by popular Kuwaiti artist Shurooq Amin on the first day of launching, the officials justified the ban by stating that the displayed galleries were indecent.

“Amin said officials focused on two of her 16 works – a painting of a woman in a mini-dress sitting on a man’s lap entitled “My Mistress and Family” and a picture showing three men playing cards and drinking “grape juice” from a bottle which suggested contraband alcohol.”

What’s more interesting is how she reacted with the ban by stating that she’s now more determined than ever and that she would keep on producing art that challenges local perceptions.

See Shurooq Amin’s gallery here

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I was surfing YouTube videos for Adobe Photoshop tutorials and saw this video from talented man who does impossible photo-realism, a must-see ! Can you imagine he did it only in 2 hours ? He has many more videos.

Via [YouTube]

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I was leafing through a local magazine this morning and my attention was attracted to a little artist Hamed Al-Refaei, who even at the tender age of 8 creates vibrant canvases which carry the innocence, yet also shows a profound talent.

I looked him on Facebook and managed to find his little cute fan page, he displayed many nice galleries from his works. Isn’t it great to see that we have such creative talents at very young age ? I wish there’s a national program that keeps an eye for all unique talents in Kuwait.

See Hamed Al-Refaei gallery here

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While I was at Sharq Market this evening I noticed that they have made a graffiti competition for high school students aged 13-18. My idea of graffiti in Kuwait was bad, but after what I saw today I changed my mind :p

The participants were given an hour to make a graffiti & then based on votes the winners will be announced next Monday.

They were really talented & they all deserve to win if you ask me :) What I also enjoyed is the cool D.J who played really cool songs that made even the tiny kids dance :p

The competition is sponsored by Zain, G-FORCE & Ali Abdulwahab & Sons.

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