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A friend emailed me this video that he saw on TV, sometimes I just wonder how far these reckless/suicidal drivers would go with their infinite craziness!?

Thanks [Khalid]

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Lexus is one of the favorite auto brands in Kuwait, especially the GS model, I saw that Al Sayer Group have launched the new generation of the GS 2012 at 360 Mall. It looked nicer than the previous model, the engine was also improved.

There are four types (GS250, GS350,Hybrid, F sport edition) based on engine capacity, they said the price starts at KD14,350 to KD20,900. For full specs, read my previous post here

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I was at Al Ghanim showroom this afternoon and I saw that the new 2012 BMW 3-Series has just arrived, it looked bigger outside and spacious and sexier than the previous generation.

I asked about the price and was told that the 4-cyclinder model starts at K.D 12,900, I recall the 3-Series was my first ever car and loved it, can’t wait for the coupe model.

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Isn’t it great to have the new sexy Aston Martin Zagato V12 model debut for the first time ever in Kuwait? Personally I can’t agree more. The  Zagato V12 is a limited production car (only 150) made and costs over 175,000 KD ! No kidding.

Engine-wise it has 12 cyilnders and produces 510 horsepower, so who wants a ride?

See more pictures about Zagato on QABAQ blog

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I’m pretty sure that Porsche lovers will love this news because last night the new generation of Porsche Carerra 911 2012 was launched in Kuwait with an amazing 3D show at Courtyard Marriott hotel last night.

The new Carrera is slightly longer and wider and more Manly,  larger LED headlamps and new LED taillamps that extend further to the sides. Porsche also reduced the weight by using aluminum and steel, the new Carrera S engine runs 3.8-liter, produces 394 hp and accelerates from 0-100 KM/Hr in 4.1 secs, that’s fast.

Also there is a new option for seven-speed manual. The price starts at 28,000 K.D and is now available at the showroom.

So now who wants a Porsche ?

Thanks [Ali]

Note: Porsche Carrera pictures are from Dubai Motor Show 2011.

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We were given a chance to test-drive the new Mercedes-Benz C350 Coupe 2012 during the weekend.


Honestly, I saw the C350 ads and I so wanted to be behind the wheel and see how it feels on the road.

We liked the exterior look and the AMG body cut added even more sexiness and aggressiveness. Also inside it was spacious, comfortable, and easy to handle.

 It has many cool features such as Lane Departure alert, Blind spot detector, all LED lights, 7G Tronic transmission, F1 and cruise control, adaptive front lights,navigation system, rear camera, USB, DVD video, Bluetooth, AUX for iPhone and iPad.

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I was informed by Kuwait 1/4 Mile Club that they will organize the first Supercar show at Kuwait Towers sea-front. There will be over 25 participators with some of the sexiest super-cars in Kuwait.

This will be great for photo-shooting, I’ll try to attend and provide coverage.

When: Saturday the 7th.

Where: Kuwait Towers sea-front

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تم ابلاغنا من مجموعة الساير ان الجيل الجديد من سيارة تويوتا كامري 2012 قد وصل الكويت وسيتم اطلاقها بشكل رسمي يوم الخميس المقبل في المرينا مول, سألتهم عن السعر فكان ردهم انها ستبدأ من 6,100 د.ك ولغاية 7,500 دك حسب المواصفات.ا


مبدئيا استطيع القول ان الشكل الجديد من الخارج جميل وكذلك من الداخل اكبر وبها شاشة لنظام الملاحة وكامرة خلفية. الكامري الجديد سيكون مزود بمحرك 4 اسطوانات “سيليندر” بحجم 2.5 لتر وبقوة 181 حصان, برأيي ان الكامري من السيارات الاقتصادية الجيدة و تقيم مجموعة السيارة حاليا مسابقة لكل من يلتقط صورة للكامري الجديد في شوارع الكويت قد يقوز بها.ا

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