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I was checking out the Frankfurt Motor show 2011 and I saw a new sexy Jeep from Maserati called “Kubang”. It looks really hot, and this is the first 4X4 SUV from Maserati, I find it somehow looking like a Porsche Cayenne/Audi Q7 mix.

 I read that Maserati will launch it in 2013 yet they did not specify the engine specs. I have a feeling that it will be a big hit in Kuwait but I’d guess the price will be sky high.
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My buddy Abdullah sent me this photo for a Man re-filling his car with gasoline from the opposite side ! Could he be in too much of a hurry to not wait couple minutes to re-fill from the correct side ? However, a possible solution to this problem would be extending the hoses or changing the location of the fuel pumps.

Thanks [Abdullah Malik]

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I read  a new study for the countries with lowest gasoline prices in the world, Kuwait ranked as number 6 with price of 65 fils/liter. I thought Saudi Arabia was the cheapest, but it came as 2nd (23 fils), and in 1st place came Venezuela (14 fils per liter), “Wow” this is almost nil.

Norway was the country with most expensive price (310 fils/liter), so to fill my Jaguar XK car, it would cost me 25+ K.D !

Note: These are approximate prices for one liter of premium gasoline.

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While being at Marina Mall, I saw that BMW agency had used a smart way to show the features of the new sexy generation of BMW 650i convertible 2012. The new 6 series generation looks hotter than the previous one, and has many new features such as the BMW Connected drive technology which allows driver to use Facebook, iTunes and Twitter in the car.


 [YouTube link]

The rear looks nice too, the engine has 8 cylinders producing 407 HP with acceleration of 5.0 secs (0-100 KM/hr) and top speed 250 KM/hr.

 The interior is cool and more spacious than previous model, I love convertible cars ! I can’t wait to drive it when the winter season comes.

Though I didn’t like how small the back seats are, the price is 32,000 K.D and goes up with more options.

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A heavy truck ran-over a police patrol at Jahra street yesterday in yet another horrific accident, eye-witnesses said the police patrol was parked when the Asian truck driver ran-over it. This further demonstrates that accidents do occur from poor driving skills, thank god the policemen were not injured.

I always stay away from big trucks when I’m on the road, please fellas be careful !  Read my post about accidents in Kuwait here

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Our friends sent us photos for horrific accidents in Kuwait on the first day of work after the holidays, the first occurred when a reckless driver crossed red lights at Dasman area.

Other one happened between a taxi and a lady on a U-turn (Taxi did not slow down and lady insisted to take the turn).

Also, can anyone explain to me what a 6 year old kid doing siting in the front seat ? Thank gods he wasn’t injured !

Whereas this accident happened at Mishref area sometime back by a speeding car resulting in two palm trees being cut !

As you can see, we can’t deny the fact that accidents are major in Kuwait with increasing death tolls, and the statistics states that youths represent 70% of fatality traffic accidents in Kuwait ! My post is not to scare you but to highlight a big issue in Kuwait, and I decided to create a poll for the causes of traffic accidents in Kuwait to help increase the public awareness and safety.

Note: You can select multiple answers.

Thanks [Abdullah Malik], [Ali Sleeq]

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A friend of our blog sent us a photo for a motorcycle driver performing “Crazy Acrobatics” on his speedy bike ! That was on 5th Ring Road, that guy is definitely gambling with his life, this is insane !

Another dude was spotted before on another highway standing on his bike.

Thanks [Bader]

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The super expensive and rare Ferrari Enzo (100,000 K.D) was spotted abandoned in Dubai a few days ago, I can’t imagine someone would abandon such a car unless he’s escaping from a really big problem ! I recall back in 2008 many expatriates in Dubai abandoned their luxury cars at Dubai airport after failed business and bankruptcy.

They say Dubai police will sell the Enzo in an auction, anyone interested ? :)

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