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DSC01582So, this weekend I was out for a nice peaceful drive trying to enjoy the weather when all of a sudden my car literally fell down into something and back up, I felt as if I was on one crazy roller coaster ride! I parked to the side to see if any damaged happened to my car and I spotted a huge pothole.

It wasn’t the first one I see in that area so I decided to take pictures for you guys.







DSC01589With all the new developments going on, buildings being built, and projects opening, it’s a shame to see the streets of Kuwait like this. Am I right?

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I kept wondering what’s the use of the lane indicators they fixed since early 2011, I mean I never saw them working and they’re always green even when one of the lanes is actually not moving. I was on 4th Ring Road yesterday and noticed that lane indicators are finally giving drivers some useful directions by indicating that there’s an accident ahead but I guess drivers will need long time till they actually start to follow given directions.

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I was glad to see that Traffic Department has provided the pedestrians with road crossing for Kuwait streets but sadly I’m seeing many reckless drivers still pay no attention at all to red traffic lights at road crossings. Police should punish those who don’t stop at road crossings otherwise they are totally useless!


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A friend of ours spotted Nissan Patrol SUV performing crazy sideways and blocking the street, this is popular in Qatar and now in Kuwait. 

Thanks [Rubin]

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Have you ever been in this situation: “You are driving at night and all of a sudden you find out there’s unmarked/invisible speed hump right ahead of you so you have to press on the brakes in full”?, another situation is when you buy a brand new expensive car (especially a sport one) and suddenly drive over a big hole in the street that looks like a ravine!

Congestion and traffic accidents aside, Kuwait streets definitely need more maintenance especially for the small streets in areas such as Hawally, Salmiyah, Industrial Shuweikh, Al Rai, Farwaniya, 4th ring road…etc. Sometimes I think its not worth buying a luxury car when I know that it will be badly damaged by poor streets, I even get a flat tire sometimes when I drive over those dangerous street holes.

I hope the road departments will make a proper maintenance plan for Kuwait streets.

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Street flirting is daily routine in Kuwait, I can live with that but sometimes it just becomes unbearable! This what happened last night at Salem Mubarak street in Salmiyah when a jerk blocked the two-lanes street and caused traffic congestion for more than 5 minutes, literally.

Despite the non-stop car horns he didn’t move ignoring everyone until a police patrol came and he ran away.

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I see that Kuwait traffic department has partially opened the 1st Ring Road today at 1:00 AM exact, now that’s a good start for 2012, the road that was opened is between Reyad street and Ali Al Salem street.

I was told that I’m the first one ever to use the new road, lucky me!

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I read on the paper that Ministry of Public works will partially open the 1st ring road tomorrow’s dawn in collaboration with Kuwait traffic department. I’m so glad with this news bearing in mind that I pass by the 1st ring road almost on daily basis.

The opening will include the 681 meter long bridge, and the nearby roads that extends for 540 meter, this will greatly help with the traffic congestion in that area and I believe the final design will look similar to the 5th ring road project nearby Al-Jawazat round about. The bad news is that contractor says there will be delays for full completion. :(

Read more about 1st ring road project here

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