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Looks like its going to be a very cruel and extremely hot summer in Kuwait with my car temperature reading 52 degrees Celsius today at 11:22 AM. The scary news is that weather experts said that real summer will start on the 22nd of June, my fear is that temperatures this year will reach scary figures.

I say beware and stay out of the direct sun exposure as much as possible.

Thanks [Ahmad]

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Do you think we have enough Japanese restaurants in Kuwait so far? Well a new Kuwaiti-based Japanese cuisine, Jusho, has just joined the list.

Jusho was opened at 53 Degrees replacing Baked restaurant that was closed, I chit chatted with the owners who explained that Japanese term “Jusho” translates as”The Address”.

Design-wise; it was simple and reflects Japanese culture, menu was kinda brief but they said that it will be expanded later.

My order was: One tempura salad (tasty but I’d like more tempura), Jusho Maki (crabstick, tempura with avocado, liked it), Sozo Ryoko Maki (spicy), Burger Maki (egg plant and beef, average taste but I’m not into egg plant), and finally Chicken Fried Rice (its spicy, taste was great).

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 Do you like reality shows? 52Degrees has made a press conference to announce the first Kuwaiti reality show named “I Wish” that will be aired on Al Watan TV and sponsored by Zain.

The good thing is that this reality show isn’t only about music but also fashion designers, direction, cooking, painting..etc. and it will be airing for two months and 5 groups will be competing.

 There will be judges and  SMS voting, and the prizes will be sending the winners on special courses to develop their skills

 Anyone with any age can participate as long he/she has a skill and a wish, the organizers said that the show will preserve Kuwaiti traditions.

Tentatively, I’m positive about it because it gives an opportunity to talented Kuwaities to reveal their skills and achieve their dreams.

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I was thinking what to have for dinner and I thought I might give the new Vinny’s restaurant at 52Degrees in Al Tilal complex a try.

Vinny’s is ran by a young 24 year old Kuwaiti chef, Bader Al Kulaib, who started cooking as a hobby and was encouraged to open a restaurant. I asked whether the name “Vinny’s”  had any reference, but was told that its just a name.

Inside, it was cozy and simply designed. The menu was small and most of the dishes were Italian, I picked the Shroom Popper (Mushroom with sauce) and Sange’s Pot Pie (Baked white cream mix of chicken, spinach, and mushroom)  for starters, both were tasty.

As for main dish, I had the Fussili Bianca pasta; tasty but needed slightly more salt, and Italian Burger; I was disappointed with the burger, the beef didn’t taste great but the chef said they will change it soon.

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As received:

“Your Restaurant Your Rules! This is a chance for the Kuwaiti chefs and entrepreneurs to serve their talent on a silver platter! 52 Degrees is offering you a chance to win 100 sq.meter of a RENT FREE, entirely furnished restaurant space; complete with a fully trained staff under your command. 52 Degrees will be giving you total media exposure to advertise your new restaurant. If you love the Food & Beverage industry and have a dream to open and run your own restaurant”

To apply click here   

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As received: 

“Twenty/Ten by AKF is a brand run by a 21-year old Kuwaiti fashion enthusiast. It began as accessories in 2009, which are now sold in 52 Degrees in Tilal Complex and Pop Up Shop in 360 Mall, and it has grown into an original clothing line unmatched in Kuwait. The line centers around flowy fabrics, deconstructed and hand shredded by AKF herself, with an emphasis on paneling and, for this season, color blocking. The aesthetic appeals to those who love neutral colors with a bit of a twist, and sometimes even a dash of bright color!”



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Ramadan expo at 52 Degrees starting today in Al-Tilal complex in Shuwaikh.

Tel: 22255212 

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The Kuwaiti chef on Al-Watan’s TV, Hanouf Al-Balhan, will open her restaurant, MnumMnum, after Eid Al Fitr at 52degrees. I spoke to Me. Hamad Al-Ali today and asked the following:

What does the name MnumMnum mean? It means small dishes and small meals.

What does it serve? It will serve Kuwaiti dishes, in addition to dishes from different cuisines around the world.

Will the chef  Hanouf Al Balhan cook herself? She will help in the cooking.

When will it open? It will open right after Eid Al Fitr.

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