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I saw on the paper that Ahmedi will organize a festive Carnival and a musical parade to celebrate Kuwait National Day near Al Koot Mall next Thursday in addition to bicycles and running tournaments on the 9th of March. I loved how Ahmedi was decorated with colorful lights and I think the carnival will be fun to attend.

Where: Al Daboos street, Al Koot Mall

When: 7th March at 3:30pm

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20130208_094250 (Large)I was heading toward Kuwait City and saw they fixed billboards near traffic lights showing February National Day celebrations for each governorate of Kuwait. The one I saw was for Assimah governrate. It included festivals, musical fiestas, sports tournaments, fireworks and entertainment shows so I made you a brief list.

If you spot the activities for the other governorates please send us so we could share with you all.


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Kuwait can get boring if you don’t know about the ongoing/upcoming events, many blog visitors keep asking us about new interesting events and I admit its kinda hard to find out about events in Kuwait, a group of Kuwaiti designers created a website and an Andoid app named, Qlendar, that helps you know about upcoming events.

I checked the website, the design needs improvements also the app is lacking some features but the concept idea is great.

Check the website

Get the app here

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We were given a chance to test-drive the new Mercedes-Benz C350 Coupe 2012 during the weekend.


Honestly, I saw the C350 ads and I so wanted to be behind the wheel and see how it feels on the road.

We liked the exterior look and the AMG body cut added even more sexiness and aggressiveness. Also inside it was spacious, comfortable, and easy to handle.

 It has many cool features such as Lane Departure alert, Blind spot detector, all LED lights, 7G Tronic transmission, F1 and cruise control, adaptive front lights,navigation system, rear camera, USB, DVD video, Bluetooth, AUX for iPhone and iPad.

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Kickstarting the new year in full gear, January is the month of excitement in Kuwait that is loaded with cool events because the weather is perfectly pleasant, so what do we have on January?

The Kuwait Bike Show 2012: A cool annual bike show organized by Harley Davidson of Kuwait.

Where: Marina Mall.

When: 27th January, 2012.


RunQ8: 10 KM marathon that kickstarts at Kuwait Scientific Center, its great for health and fitness.

Where: Scientific Center

When: 21st January, 2012


AL. M GALLERY: Contemporary fine art gallery expo that extends for three weeks.

Where: Salhiya Complex

When:  10th January, 2012


Bahairi & Rahmani in Concert: Love music? Then you will love this romantic performance by Bahairi & Rahmani.

Where: JW Marriott -Ballroom.

When: 19th January, 2012

Phone: 99104119

S.P.E.A.K: An awareness campaign that aims to eliminate the stigma against mental illness, its various treatments as well as psychology as a science and discipline.

Where: Women’s Cultural & Social Society – Khaldiya area.

When: 9th January, 2012


K-Cats Festival: Got a cute cat? Then this lovely event will please you, there will be many cute cats gathering and competing.

Where: Safir Hotel – Pearl Hall.

When: 21st January, 2012


The Wedding Expo:  An annual event that caters to the elite soon-to-be brides of Kuwait who plan on hosting an extravagant and unique wedding.

Where: 360 Mall – Expo Hall

When: 25th, 26th, & 27th January, 2012.


Gulf Run Motor Show:  Annual motorsport event, started in 2005 as a weekend getaway for a group of friends passionate about automobile racing.

Where: 360 Mall

When: 13th Jaunuary, 2012


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Still undecided what to do for your New Year’s Eve? Well think no more ! We brought you a list for all the cool events, dinners, concerts, countdowns, celebrations, and exciting activities that will take place in Kuwait for the New Year’s Eve.

Of course you still can enjoy nice barbecue with family or friends, hire a Limo, watch other countries celebrations on TV or enjoy a dinner at home.

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Our friends Kuwait Kites Team had sent us cool shots and a footage for flying the biggest kites in Kuwait (and in the world) at Messila beach.

I used to think flying kites is simple but it turned out very challenging. All the kites are designed and made in Kuwait and the biggest costs about 3,500 K.D.

I learned that best time to fly kites in Kuwait is during cool weather when wind speed is between 15 KM/Hr to 25 KM/Hr.

Thanks to Kuwait Kites Team for their amazing efforts, we are all proud of you!


E-mail: [email protected]

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How to enjoy Eid in Kuwait? This simple question can be a hard one to answer, but not anymore ! We have made you a list of many Eid activities in Kuwait that you and your family can enjoy. 

There are other things to do like visit relatives and friends, travel, go to chalet, or even just to stay home and relax.

Wish you all happy Eid ! We love you all.

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